Injunctivitis: Super-Injunctions That Irritate The Eyes Of Justice

May 23, 2011

Britain is currently swimming in a sea of super-injunctions. Everywhere we look there’s an actor super-injunction here, a politician super-injunction there, a TV presenter super-injunction round the corner and a footballer super-injunction right in your face. These people have taken great trouble and spent a lot of money in an effort to prevent the great unwashed from knowing where they’d been dipping their wick.

Raspberry with tongue hanging out illustrating silliness of super injunctions

This is what Twitter thinks about your super-injunctions

Now, if I thought being fed stories about the indiscretions of celebrities and footballers was going to have a big impact on my life by paying my debts, improving my earning power, upscaling my housing or enhancing my own sexual prowess, I would pay more attention. But being absolutely certain it would do none of those things, I therefore couldn’t give a monkey’s arse about any of it. What I do care about is that these people think they can buy silence and prevent their sexual incontinence from causing the loss of reputation, earnings through sponsorship deals, or divorce proceedings. Worse, the other party, who usually doesn’t have the financial means to keep their name out of the papers, is hung out to dry. That is rank behaviour. For that reason alone, I am now interested and want these people exposed.

The super-injunctions are starting to look not so super. Last year, premiership footballer John Terry had his super-injunction thrown out of court and most of us know of the fallout there. Andrew Marr, a journalist who grills politicians about their lack of propriety, admitted to imposing a super-injunction a couple of years ago, due to an affair eight years previously resulting in a child, which later turned out not to be his. Former Royal Bank of Scotland boss Fred Goodwin (I’m not going to call him ‘Sir,’ because he broke that bank, which we, as mug taxpayer, had to rescue – and he still got a bonus) had his super-injunction partially lifted by request of an MP, by taking away his anonymity regarding an alleged affair with a senior colleague. Then there’s the premiership footballer. He was able to keep his name out of the papers due to his super-injunction, but the girl he had an affair with, Imogen Thomas, former contestant of the reality show Big Brother, had been exposed and left to the media wolves. It has not been pretty. And even though she was wrong to have had the affair in the first place and is now getting burnt for it, the other party needs to step up and try to make things right, if only for his family. Still, you can always count on t’internet in general and social networking sites in particular to blow a raspberry at such triflings as the law. Twitter led the way when someone posted names of the celebrities who had apparently taken out these injunctions. Some were wrongly accused, but it upset this footballer enough for him to take legal action against Twitter and its users a few days later. Good luck with that one, fella. Even someone like me, who always misses the boat on these things, now knows who this person is through two independent sources that came to me at different times this week. The hole this person is digging for himself is getting mighty deep. When his pursuit of Twitter became news, the Twitterverse went nuts and responded by repeatedly naming him with their tweets. Then, just when you thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous, news came today of the Scottish Sunday Herald publishing a picture, but not naming him. They can do this because the media rules in England don’t apply in Scotland and the paper is only available in that part of the UK. Well, I say it’s only available in Scotland, but it may be possible that there are some outlets selling that paper here.

The gloves are now off and this will not stop until he is fully outed. If it doesn’t happen by the time I post this, I’m pretty sure it will happen before the end of the week. The actor and TV presenter with their super-injunctions will probably be next – they’d better brace themselves.

Addendum: When I wrote this on Sunday, I felt confident he’d be properly outed this week, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon – on Monday! And by an MP! So Parliamentary privilege once again strikes a blow to the silly-injunction. I think an introduction is now in order. Everybody – say hello to Ryan Giggs.



  1. I wrote a blog about this, more pinpointing then general as part of my “Naughty Naughty” posts, then I thought damn I can’t post it lol.

    Imogen’s married footballer is the worst kept secret, as the injunction cannot be enforced outside the UK it’s all over the internet, spanish newspapers etc. So the super injunction has been a total waste of money for that particular footballer since we all know who it is lol.

    • It is a nonsense, isn’t it? That super-injunction was doomed to fail. Let’s see which will be the next one to fall. You can post your blog about it now. The situation have changed, to put it mildly.

      • Yeah I have seen the Sky News article about the MP. My posts are just light hearted. I was close to doin Arnie Lol.

        My Naughty. Naughty category was feeling somewhat neglected now am spoilt for choice.

        • You were close to doing Arnie? Are you sure he wasn’t close to doing you?!

          • Lol Am not his type. He said he mainly went for mingers so they would be grateful and he would feel good.

  2. I hadn’t heard this term before, but I see it must go on everywhere. People need privacy in which to fail and learn, but you give most of that up by choosing to be any kind of “public” figure. Unless you give up your public profession and avoid seeking any kind of fame, you never get it back.

    • Which is why you and me will remain (relatively) anonymous. My uneventful and private life suits me just fine. Who would want to be in the public eye these days? Why clamour for fame? It’s a hand grenade just waiting to go off.

  3. When will people learn being a public figure does not mean you pick and choose when you are public and when you are private anymore. Different world.

    • Yeah. Old Hollywood has gone, the open internet age is here and there’s nowhere to hide.

      Having said all that, some people do manage to separate their public life from their private life, but that may be because they don’t court the kind of publicity that gets them into trouble way down the line.

      • You can run, but you can’t hide. Not like the Golden Age where Film Companies could address any scandal and ensure it did not become public fodder.

        Clark Gable’s traffic accident where he killed someone,springs to mind and the famous actress who had Gables child, went away, to have the child no-one knew about, gave the child to an orphanage for a wee while and then came back in the public eye after a “break” publicly “adopting” a child which was of course her natural child unbeknownst to the public.

        Can’t you tell I love a little gossip

        • You’re a mine of information, GroovyChick. Old Hollywood was rife with scandal, was it not?

          I remember taking a book out of the library about old Hollywood when I was a teen because I was attracted to the cover (the book was a massive hardback). I was fascinated by the stories about co-stars that couldn’t stand each other, had hooked up with each other, or had accidents on set. It was through that book that I found out about Harold Lloyd and his missing fingers resulting from an exploding prop. I wish I could remember the name of that book, because I would love to find it again.

          • Oh, that would be a book that I would love to read.

            The only actors from yesteryear that I know could not stand each other was Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, which is well documented and why I suspect they were both cast in the Whatever Happened To Baby Jane classic. Lol

            Bette Davis said the only male lead Joan Crawford hadn’t slept with, was Lassie Lol.

  4. I’ve heard that quote about Joan Crawford before. It’s stone cold and very, very funny.

  5. Why didn’t you name “the footballer”?

    • Do you mean RYAN GIGGS, who I mentioned right at the end of this post?!

      Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog!

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