Rupert Murdoch Pulls BSkyB Bid… Result!

July 13, 2011

The News International phone hacking scandal has claimed another scalp. Rupert Murdoch has withdrawn his bid to takeover BSkyB. In a rare show of unity, MPs from all parties were due today to call for Rupert Murdoch to do just that. He jumped before he was pushed. Fair play to him for being able to see when a ship is sinking: at least in this part of his empire. He may have managed to drop that hot potato, but his woes continue. It looks like there may now be an investigation into allegations that News of The World journalists tried to hack into the voicemails of 9/11 victims. Classy. Americans won’t be impressed with that one. Not one little bit. There are also allegations in Australia about journalists and illegal practices.

Meanwhile, Rebekah Brooks, who from this moment on I will refer to as The Gingerbread™, thanks to my mate Ant who coined the phrase, is still in her position: but for how much longer? It’s looking a bit rocky in the world of Murdoch and News Corporation. Weebles may wobble, but this one could fall down.

Sleep well, little gingerbread. Sleep well.



  1. we can breathe a sigh of relief….. For the moment… ‘Ropey’ Rupert can allegedly resubmit an application for BskyB after 6 months… And what’s the betting he will try again some time in the future and buy up the remaining Sky shares far cheaper than he would’ve paid this time around!
    And as for our ‘friends’ across the pond… The ones who sold News Corp The Washington Post i believe are now regretting that decision in 2007 despite having concerns. News Corp apparently paid over 67% per share more than the going rate. Those who were selling should have been less greedy me thinks!

    • You could be right about Murdoch giving the total takeover of BSkyB another go in the future, but let’s celebrate the now. There were concerns, but the owners of the Washington Post sold up anyway? Greed really can dissuade us from using our common sense and (or) trusting our gut. I guess they’ll be paying for it now.

  2. oh and apologies to any gingerbread lovers out there! 😉

    • I’m sure gingerbread lovers will take it in the spirit in which it’s meant…

  3. This Gingerbread lover does LOL.
    The Roman Empire fell because of disunity from within,
    The Murdoch Empire is hopefully taking note.
    Surly there will be many employees and business partners wishing to jump from the Murdoch ship and selvage what’s left of their reputations once the true depth of the muck becomes apparent.
    For both the very best and the very worst reasons It’s fast becoming the biggest “fly on the wall” expose for many a decade, Somehow I can’t see *that* making headlines in certain family owned newspapers.
    The House of Murdoch may have some fancy edged Gingerbread trim, but that’s old wood and it burns just the same as everything else when things eventually get hot enough.
    Still, we can sit back and watch it unfold as the story unravels the plot of dirt and greed. Ringside tickets here!, forget the popcorn. Milk and Gingerbread biscuits anyone?

    • You can always take the slings and arrows from outsiders, but nothing beats disunity and in-fighting for causing the castle to crumble from within. More stuff is coming out every day, so as you said, I imagine a fair few people connected to News Corporation are now considering their immediate future.

      Milk and gingerbread biscuits are a much better ringside seat snack. Popcorn is a rip off. As are the soft drinks in those fire buckets they call drinks cartons.

  4. “weebles may wobble”….priceless!

    • Yeah, I had a little giggle myself when I wrote it. Welcome to my blog.

  5. Peter Mandelson and Alastair Darling have been very quiet about any of this . . . and I read that tart Abi Tittmuss, not wanting to miss a PR opportunity, is claiming her phone was hacked. What I want to know is, was UN weapons inspector David Kelly’s phone hacked???
    When will GingerBread be toast? When will Ginger’s Cookie crumble?

    • Aah, Abi Titmuss. A name I thought I’d never hear and a face I thought I’d never see again.

      I hadn’t thought about Peter Mandelson in relation to this (I really try not to think about him at all), but now you’ve put him in my head, I’ll have to wonder why he has remained silent (so far). Given the amount of people who have apparently had their phones hacked (4,000 and counting), including the cousin of Jean Charles de Menezes, it would not be so outrageous to speculate that David Kelly’s phone may had been dug into as well.

      Are you taking bets on the crumbling of The Gingerbread™? She will be up before the Culture Select Committee next week to account for herself. Starting from that date, I’ll give it a week.

  6. A week? It took less than 24 hours for that cookie to crumble! Only question now is will the memoirs be written in or out of prison?

    • And… who will she bring down with her? Seeing as the ‘powerful’ circle of ‘friends’ she used to mix with have pretty much all turned their backs on her!

      • Yea, verily, that powerful circle of friends could be investing in brown underwear, or incontinence pants right now. They must be cacking themselves!

  7. They are falling like dominoes!!! Les Hinton – Ropey’s right hand man for a gazzilion years has now gone!!

    • I’d never heard of the man before his resignation. Guess he just wasn’t in my radar. Therefore, I don’t really care. Or should I?

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