Resignations! Apologies! Arrests! Just Another Weekend In The News International Crisis

July 17, 2011

I thought this phone hacking scandal couldn’t give any more and would start to slow down, but I was wrong – very wrong. News came through on Friday that The Gingerbread™ also known as Rebekah Brooks had resigned. Who knows how the Murdoch coterie came to the decision they did, but she became just one more scalp, albeit a very important one as far as the general public and the sacked NOTW journalists were concerned, in the scandal that just will not die. Les Hinton, chief executive of Dow Jones and publisher of the Wall Street Journal, followed her by resigning a few hours later, but no one, bar the media gave a monkey’s about that one. Rupert Murdoch met the Dowler family later that day and apologised profusely. Je ne regrette rien no longer applied to Murdoch as, following his meeting with the Dowlers, he published a series of adverts in almost every national newspaper, apologising for, well, almost everything. He was in danger of having to wear a nappy; such was the ferocity of this expulsion.

Then on a wet Sunday afternoon we heard that The Gingerbread™ had been arrested! Something to do with a small matter of phone hacking and corruption, apparently. Don’t get too excited, though. She has only been arrested and is helping the police with their enquiries. Ah, the Metropolitan Police. It’s not squeaky clean in their corner, either. There have been allegations of accepting payments by NOTW hacks and withholding information from our politicians. But it was our Police Commissioner’s hiring of former NOTW executive Neil Wallis as a media adviser to the Met after being questioned about phone hacking that was as popular as a bucket of cold sick. Then revelations that he stayed at a luxury health spa for recuperation after an operation, which once employed Mr Wallis as a consultant, meant that there was only one way it could go. The resignation of Sir Paul Stephenson became the third of the weekend.

All of this will not distract from the date with destiny that The Gingerbread™ and the Murdochs have with the select committee on Tuesday, to be televised live on The BBC Parliament channel (on Freeview 81, Freesat 201 and Virgin 612 if you’re interested). This is a channel, which usually features politicians blathering on, with some of them snoozing in the back after one brandy too many. I think they’ll be paying a bit more attention in this session. There won’t be confessions as such, particularly from The Gingerbread™, after her questioning by the police, but it could still be gripping.

Get the popcorn out, ladies and gentlemen. This is going to be a belter.



  1. lets see what happens on the rollercoaster this week! Hold your breathe people. Stephenson’s resignation send off published on The Guardian website is scathing of our dear PM, Mr CaMoron, who has sought to leave the country and go preaching to the Africans in South Africa at this time of crisis. Maybe he is escaping the heat. Maybe he has the same problem as Ropey in that (to quote Pie) ‘he is in danger of having to wear a nappy…such is the ferocity of this explosion’ (i did LOL at that line 😉 )

    So who will be next on the list? Yates of course… And if Stephenson has gone for essentially a lesser ‘crime’ that what CaMoron has done shouldn’t our dear PM be on the list too? Feel free to add to this wish list.
    So Popcorn at the ready here…

    In the meantime as important as this story is I do wish the news channels would give us some other news to bring at least a resembelance of ‘normality’ and a chance to catch our breath. What is going on in the rest of the world?! The drought crisis in East Africa…the situation in the Middle East….and America about to go bust!

    • Yates has gone!

      You’re right, Ant. We do need a breather and there are other things happening out there in the wider world. I think three posts in a row about the situation on this blog is more than enough to be getting on with. I will post something that has nothing to do with that scandal shortly…

  2. The Journal resignation has been big on our side. That paper had quite a reputation until it was Rupert’ed. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. oh i dont mean a break from you doing the reporting dear Pie… Your take on events makes it bearable!

    @omawarisan – Ropey does have his claws in quite deep in a number of pies (‘scuse the pun) Stateside… I wonder how long before serious consequences there?

    And as for this script.. I dont know any scriptwriter who could have written something with so many twists and turns… So how many resignations, arrests, people bailed, inquests have there been or will happen? And to top it off theres even a death in the plot now! Actually i would like to see Pie write the script 😉
    WHERE will it head now?

    • The death is particularly sad. Hopefully there won’t be any more like that. I’ve given up trying to work out where it will go. I’ll just wait for the next instalment.

  4. Best show in town and broadcast LIVE on MSNBC here in NY where it is BIG news. And all with PIE thrown in!

    • Pie? Thrown in? Ha, ha. Well he tried. But he didn’t count on the old man’s wife – she’s hardcore!

  5. Aside from the pie, which was rather ineffective (should have pelted him with a bag of dog poop), the Murdoch enterprise getting some comeuppance is such a Dickensian story, I can’t help but enjoy it. It’s like evil uncle Ralph Nickleby finally getting what he deserves.

    • A bag of dog poo. Yeah, that would be a good missile. It will go quiet in general news terms (it’s starting to happen already. It can’t go on at this intensity forever), but I believe, like the MP’s expenses, we’ll receive the odd update on who’s in on this nasty network. Apparently, other papers unconnected with News International are rumoured to be doing the same kind of nonsense. I think they’re being looked into as well now.

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