Wendi Murdoch – Kick Ass Ninja!

July 20, 2011

I really was going to give this phone hacking scandal a break, but I just couldn’t resist this latest instalment.

The country had been gearing up for the Tuesday grilling of the Murdoch team, featuring Rupert and James, and of course The Gingerbread™. This was to be conducted by the select committee. In the event, it was more of a light toasting than a hardcore grill. We had done nearly two hours with Rupert and James: The Gingerbread™ hadn’t yet made her appearance and the attention was waning. But then, something happened to make us all sit up very quickly. We saw James Murdoch suddenly get up, looking to his left with horror. We then saw the scene unfold just off-screen where there appeared to be a scuffle. We later found out a man had tried to put a shaving foam pie in Murdoch senior’s face. There was confusion and shock. Who was going to stop this interloper who had been watching one Tiswas show too many? Step forward Wendi Murdoch.

Wendy Murdoch, kick ass ninja

Don't mess with my man! (with apologies to Quentin Tarantino)

The serene woman in the pink jacket, sitting quietly behind her husband, moved in at the speed of a cheetah and gave pie man a bitch slap. He was then arrested. Old man Murdoch doesn’t have to worry about his security – his ninja wife will take care of it. And we thought she was just nice to look at.

Mess with Wendi Murdoch at your peril!



  1. Not sure which one I’d rather meet down an alley : the gingerbread or the ninja! Votes pls…

    • Mate! I’d give both of them a wide berth. Whoever said women are the fairer sex didn’t get a right hook from Tiger Murdoch.

      I was watching it with my mate Ant. We were also following the comments on a Facebook page. One wag said after the Phantom Flan Flinger made his appearance, that Sky’s next boxing pay-per-view will be Mrs Murdoch v Björk.

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