Why Is The Global Economy In Freefall? I Think I Have The Answer

August 7, 2011

What the hell just happened to our economy? Greece is bust, Ireland and Portugal are not far behind, Italy and Spain are quaking in their stylish boots and the Eurozone is as unstable as a crack addict. And it’s not much better over the pond. America has just been downgraded from AAA to AA+. It’s like a celebrity, who after many years of turning left to the first class cabin on a plane, finds his star waning and now has to turn right.

Why is this happening? Economic experts and TV pundits fall over themselves to say it’s because of this or because of that. Well, here’s the real reason for our economic meltdown. Watch and learn, ladies and gentlemen, watch and learn…



  1. Dear Pie,
    With my brilliant analytical mind I have sharped my focus with steely determination in order to use my superier intelligence to solve the financial problems of the world.

    So, What went wrong? Well, some greedy b@st@rds wanted as much money as possible with the least effort and played with our savings like it was Monolopy money, silly greedy everyone else, thinking the bubble could grow “of course” into unlimitless infinity, let them.

    Ergo the answer to the worlds global financial problems is simple: The Global economy is in freefall because the first lot of greedy b@st@rds didn’t buy *nearly* enough stocks in parashutes.

    • What? We needed parachutes? When I foolishly made my vote in the ballot box, thinking it would make a difference in my country and possibly the world, that wasn’t in the manifesto!

  2. Ha ha, the video made me chuckle. The financial crisis makes me want to throw up all over myself too 😀

    • if you look carefully, you will see buckets discreetly placed on every high street and on public transport. There’s plenty to feel sick about.

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