West Indian Woman In Hackney Tells It Like It Is

August 9, 2011

While parasites continue to eat into the belly of the Lion called London, this Hackney woman, in the middle of a riot, articulates our anger. I warn you now, there is plenty of industrial language…



  1. Sad, this happens wherever people rise up for a cause.

    Please be safe my friend.

    • The protest about the shooting of a young man was originally a peaceful event, but was later taken over by people with other ideas. The family of the dead man have condemned it absolutely, but by then this thing had created it’s own momentum.

      I’ve spent the last two days on Facebook or watching Sky News/BBC. There has been nothing else. I’ll have to find a way of taking myself away from this soon, because I’ve spent a lot of time being either angry or upset at how these arsewipes have burnt my city and effectively shut it down at night. I’ve also been very angry with our prime minister and London Mayor, who eventually cut short their holiday and deigned to grace us with their presence today (Tuesday) after London had been on fire for three days. That’s how much they care about the city which produces the most wealth for the country.

      I’m worn out. Thanks for your concern.

  2. There are always thugs who look for an opportunity to ply their “trade.” It’s always sad, but worse when their actions paint an entire group with criminal actions.

    • You’re not wrong there, fella. That’s why it’s important to have people like these witnessed. Not every person from this community or that one is a thief, or a powder keg waiting to go off at the slightest provocation.

      Welcome to my blog.

  3. brilliant. we need more people like this in the city

    • You’re not wrong!

      There was a short interview with her that featured in our London Evening paper, The Evening Standard. She’s a 45 year old Grandmother, who’s a community worker, Jazz singer and an internet DJ. It emerged in this interview that she also tried to defend a young man who was being beaten up by a mob. All this, and she had only recently recovered from breast cancer. A top, top woman.

  4. That woman is my hero. Apparantly a lot of the rioters there listened to her aswell and left. Awesome.

    • No way! That’s brilliant!

      I also loved her use of industrial language. It was really quite poetic. “You lot piss me the fuck off” has to be the quote of the year. That will stick in my head for some time to come.

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