Michael Jackson’s Corpse

September 28, 2011

The trial of Dr Conrad Murray, the man entrusted with the health of Michael Jackson and now facing a charge of involuntary manslaughter, started this week. Apparently, the court had the dubious pleasure of looking at an image of the dead King of Pop on a hospital bed. A less dignified appearance you could only imagine. I thought it was a bit tacky, but left it there. Until I trawled t’internet last night for information on another subject and saw the picture, as big and as bold as you like, on the Daily Mail website. They declared shock and outrage yet saw fit to show us just how shocking this picture really was. I was not impressed.

I rapidly clicked away, but not because I’m squeamish about dead people. I’ve seen bodies before and I have photos, emailed to me by friends and relatives, of their dearly departed, who never look quite like they did, because whatever it was that made them… well… them had long since gone. I clicked away because it was put up purely to pander to the ghoul in all us and to sell more papers. I wanted no part of it. But it got worse, because the next day, that picture was on the front page of almost every paper. Even my daily free London paper, the Metro, where I find most of my sillier stories had it on their front page. It was torn off, sharpish.

No one, bar the more fanatical Jackson fans, who believe he’s bigger than Jesus, would say he was looking well in the last few years of his life, so his corpse certainly wasn’t going to be a looker. They didn’t have to show it and we didn’t need to see it. Give him some dignity, for crying out loud.

The man is still a freak show for our entertainment and probably will be for many years to come. Poor bastard.



  1. Of course I’ve seen more bodies than the average person, and you are certainly correct that MJ was unwell for years, but the aspect of the trial that has interested me has been watching footage of the Doctor’s reactions to testimony.

    To my eyes, I’m watching a man realize just what a Faustian bargain he made when he sold his soul to a rich, unbalanced male diva for 150k a month.

    I don’t really know the law well enough to evaluate whether helping someone kill themselves by over-medicating should be punishable by imprisonment, but the medical negligence should certainly get him barred permanently from ever treating a patient in any capacity.

    Marilyn Monroe’s doctors admitted that over-prescribing medications contributed greatly to her decline, and possibly her death. They weren’t even charged.

    • I haven’t been watching it at all (I’m not sure I can get access to it in any case), but I’ve been hearing reports on the case. His divorce from the medical establishment is a certainty, I think, even if he is found not guilty of the charges against him. I can’t see how he would recover from something like this. I hope he likes golf, because he’ll have plenty of time, if not plenty of money to pursue it.

      I suppose in the case of Marilyn Monroe, there wasn’t the media coverage we get now, so those doctors were able to get away with it. When did they admit to this? Was it several years after her death? If so, I wouldn’t have thought anything could’ve been done about it, as it was so long ago. Or maybe some people are just able to get away with things like that and others, like Dr Murray get caught good and proper.

      • They admitted it at the inquest. But in 1962, a woman with a long-known reputation for abusing meds would have been considered a lost cause by most physicians. Rehab programs as we know them today did not exist, only asylums and jail detox. The studio was still making money off her. They should have had her committed involuntarily.

        • Ah, OK. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  2. It is shameful that they wont let the man rest. I was not really a fan once he was on his own, but I felt bad for him because I got the impression that his family saw the train wreck he was becoming but rode the train for all he was worth.

    • That’s a pretty good assessment, Oma. If they did allow the train wreck to happen, then putting Dr Murray up as a sacrificial lamb would be one way to assuage the guilt felt after he passed. There’s going to be a gig here in the UK this month, which is a tribute to Michael Jackson. I believe it was put together by the family and featuring various special guests. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s a success, or a flop.

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