Rihanna On The Tube!

October 6, 2011

The force of pop nature that is Rihanna can usually be seen shaking her stuff on TV, also known as the tube. But last night she was seen on a different kind of tube: the Jubilee line on the London underground, going to her own gig at the o2 Arena in Greenwich.

Rihanna on the tube

I must remember to touch-in and touch-out when I use my Oyster.

There she was, with her entourage, happily posing for photos and chatting away to shocked passengers. Entourage or not, she was a brave person to ride the Jubilee line for her gig, as it’s well known for breaking down. Just as Tom Cruise changed the nature of red carpet events by calling random mums on fans’ mobile phones, Rihanna may spark off a revolution in the mode of transport for mega stars. Madonna could hold a yoga class on the concourse of St Pancras station before she goes off to perform. Or Dave Grohl could show the normally reserved commuters how to deal with a difficult passenger while he’s on his way to a gig in Wembley. The possibilities are endless. Imagine the management calling the ‘talent’ into the office to tell them the limousines are off and they now need to follow Rihanna’s example to be seen as ‘one of the people.’ The sales of hair colour would triple as their heads turn white overnight.

Good job the Bajan Beauty didn’t try that stunt on a Saturday or Sunday. With engineering works shutting down half the system every weekend, she would never have made it.



  1. I can see a new show coming out on the other tube: every week a different celebrity will be interviewed while riding the underground!

    Any weeks that they can’t find a celebrity could feature the encouraging messages of those talking garbage bins.

    • Nice link to one of my most recent posts about the talking bins. Well played, Jacki. Well played.

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  3. Anyone who rides the jubilee line is brave in my opinion! haha 😉

    • And you know it, B. I think it was one of the few times that it didn’t break down. The people working on the line must’ve known Rihanna was coming!

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