100-Year-Old Indian Born Brit Completes Toronto Marathon

October 24, 2011

We Brits love a winner. Indeed, we crave a winner like a thirsty man in a desert. Wimbledon, The World Cup and more recently The Rugby World Cup, ensure our winning drought continues, therefore we will claim a British winner, wherever they come from. Fauja Singh was born in India, but is a British citizen who lives in East London, which means we can claim him as one of ours. Why should we lay claim to this man? Because he became the oldest marathon runner, having completed the Toronto marathon last week in 8 hours, 25 minutes and 16 seconds at the age of 100.

Fauja Singh, the 100 year old marathon runner

This is a man who started running at the age of 89 after the death of his wife and son… 89! He has completed nine marathons, including one here in Londinium. He’s hoping to run the London marathon again next year. On crossing the finishing line in Toronto, he likened it to being married again, having the same joyous feeling. He also attributed his long and healthy life to being stress free: “If there’s something you can’t change, why worry about it?” The other ingredients for a long life include being grateful for everything you have, staying away from negative people, stay smiling and keep running. Here’s someone who should be carrying our Olympic torch – what a top man!

Here’s a video I found on YouTube featuring Mr Singh, if you want more of his wisdom. A Brit we can definitely go for.



  1. Oh, you KNOW I loved this. It fits right into my collection of old guys making good. Thanks for letting me know the story, Pie!

    • Yeah. I put this one out just for you. Your post on the old guys making good was quite simply brilliant. Thanks for reminding me. For some reason, I can’t put links here at the moment, so go directly to Mikey’s blog. The old guy post is in the June 2011 archive.

  2. File this one under Awesome!

    • Yup!

  3. Luv the old dears getting out and about. Great attitude.

    • I would hope to retain an attitude like that when I get to such a grand old age. As long as you are healthy, you can do just about anything. I found another interesting aspect of old people doing amazing physical things on YouTube recently. I may write something about that in another post.

  4. Love it!!! He’s a real winner.

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