John Travolta Refused A Grease Fix At KFC

October 25, 2011

This story made me laugh out loud.

A couple of weekends ago, while attending a Scientology conference in the ancient market town of East Grinstead, John Travolta was denied a table reservation at the local KFC. To clarify: one of his entourage called the KFC in advance to reserve a table for him. One of the workers refused point blank, telling the assistant to join the queue like everyone else. The worker, who didn’t want to be named (obviously), explained:

“To me, customers are customers, no matter who they are. The lady who called didn’t give me her name. She just said it will be for a Mr Travolta. I thought it might be a load of nonsense.”

Two pieces of Kentucky fried chicken with fries

Grease is the word, is the word, is the word…

Fair enough. He probably gets calls at least once a week to reserve a table for a Mr M. Mouse, or a Mr Hugh Jarse and it warms the heart of my cockles to see London rules being applied. But the most bizarre thing to me is that they thought they could set aside a table: like it’s Nobu, or something. It’s a KFC! A reservation there involves getting your friends to put all their bags on the chairs, or lay flat on the table, while you stand at the counter waiting for your order (which usually comes very slowly). A spokesman for KFC, also known as the damage limitation team, said if Travolta were to return they would happily bend the rules.

“In hindsight, of course we would’ve reserved a table for him. It’s not every day you get a Hollywood star eating in your restaurant.”

No more was said of the employee at that branch. I wonder if he was taken to a room at the back and summarily shot handed a P45? He could always work for Burger King. I imagine there would be vacancies.

I picked up this quote from the East Grinstead website:

Truly, East Grinstead has something for everyone. Friendly restaurants, pubs, bars and coffee shops are waiting to bid you welcome.

Except if you’re a Hollywood star looking for a dirty chicken grease fix.

He should’ve gone for a Royale with cheese.



  1. I’d think the regular customers should rise up and thank the employee who turned the man down. He can wait in line like you and me and then go find a table that hasnt been cleaned to sit!

    • Oh, that’s the best bit of your comment, Oma. “Go find a table that hasn’t been cleaned to sit” – brilliant!

  2. If you don’t take reservations, you don’t and that’s that. No exceptions for the rich and shameless should be given.

    I’m unsure why he would want to eat that kind of awful food in the first place. Drippy, over-salted carb bombs. It’s TERRIBLE chicken.

    • The chicken is terrible and I have to put my hand up and admit to eating it from time to time, when I can’t find anywhere else to have a munch. I always feel bad about it afterwards, thinking of how my arteries must be screaming as I push that greasy gunk down my gullet. The photo above where I had that dirty chicken was taken for illustrative purposes. Are you salivating yet?!

      On the other issue. Yes, there should be no exceptions, especially for a place like that. Most people don’t dine at restaurants like Nobu because they can’t afford it. Mr Travolta and others like him would do well to join the rest of us from time to time. It may be enlightening. Actually, they could’ve just ordered a massive takeway and saved themselves the embarrassment. But then, if they had, I wouldn’t have known about their very public shame and it wouldn’t have featured on this blog, so all hail illusion and delusion! It continues to give me plenty of material.

  3. Remarkable that he didn’t also request a tablecloth, candles and designated waitstaff. Geez. What a pompous oaf. Of course it would have been funny had they given him the table next to the bathroom.

    • Oooh, yes. A table next to the bathroom would’ve been most excellent. The smell of the effluence would’ve gone well with the special recipe chicken.

      I know you’re a regular contributor to Omawarisan’s excellent Blurt blog, so I’m super happy you’ve decided to give this blog a punt. You are most welcome to comment again, whenever you get the urge.

  4. You mean Scientology allows the eating of KFC?

    What a wonderful collection of words in the one sentence – Scientology Conference, John Travolta AND East Grinstead! Not forgetting KFC, of course!

    • There’s a certain beauty to the fact it happened in East Grinstead. I’m sure it’s a lovely place, but the name alone makes me laugh and conjures up images of grimness and bad taste. I do my best to hit the targets, so I’m glad I pleased you. I have to say, I didn’t expect the reaction to this post to be so damning of Travolta. He was asking for it though, wasn’t he? Or shall we put it down to an overzealous entourage? Regardless, it was a silly bloody request!

  5. By the way, I must apologise for not responding sooner to your comments. I’m usually quick off the mark in that regard, but my phone line went down this week, giving me four days without t’internet or email. I’ll be putting up a post about it this week (if the phone line doesn’t cut out again).

  6. It sounds like a bad joke. I would have thought JT travelled with his own chef

    • You would’ve thought so, wouldn’t you? Maybe he decided to be ‘down with the people.’ Whatever the reason, it ended badly in a delicious way for all of us to enjoy.

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