Tesco Crisps Go Christmas Gourmet

November 20, 2011

What flavours come to mind when you hear the words a packet of crisps (or potato chips for my American readers)? Ready salted? Salt and vinegar? Cheese and onion? Well brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, because the humble crisp, the staple junk food and number one school-time memory of Brits everywhere, is about to get a Heston Blumenthal-type treatment in time for Christmas. Tesco are releasing a Christmas dinner in crisps from their finest range. It’s been nicknamed The Chrispmas Dinner Collection. But, of course!

Choose from a starter of Wensleydale and cranberry cheese flavour or spiced gammon flavour, followed by the main course of roast turkey and stuffing with onion gravy flavour. Finally, finish with a flourish by presenting… wait for it… mince pie flavour, the UK’s first sweet flavoured fried tuber slivers, seasoned with dried fruit, spices and buttery pastry. Mmmmm… yummy!

mince pie flavoured crisps

Top UK crisp making experts (I didn’t know they existed!) sourced the best potatoes and seasonings to make them really special. By the way, this range was inspired by Michelin-starred gourmet chef Hans Van Wolde, known as… the Dutch Heston Blumenthal. It’s a bit of fun for the party season, but it could also be the ultimate meal: if you’re the type who’s a stranger to a pot, a pan and a cooker, that is.

Hot cross bun and chocolate Easter egg flavoured crisps will be coming to a store near you – in January.



  1. The first thing I hear? I WANT SOME! Without a doubt, chips or crisps are my guiltiest pleasure. I love every flavor they can come up with. Can I order some of those online?

    • I’m not sure if they do online orders beyond the UK. If you have a Tesco in your neighbourhood, you might get some, but this is such a British thing that it probably wouldn’t be available. Unless they do a version for thanksgiving, if this one goes well.

  2. Have you found a new calling in life Pie (Top UK crisp making experts) ? Are you going to change to Pie n Crisps? or Chips n Biscuits! Do let us know once you have indulged to give us your verdict 😉 What will they think of next LOL

    • It’s totally mad and yet you know you have to try it! I think the range comes out this week.

  3. I’d try the mince pie ones in a heart beat. The others are probably disappointing, the turkey will taste like roast chicken crisps, the spiced gammon will probably have a hint of bacon falvoured crisps, but mince pies? There’s crispy ambition if I’ve ever heard it.

    • I know what you’re saying about the turkey, though the stuffing flavouring may take it beyond the ordinary. Gammon I’d never go for and I can’t stand cheese. But the mince pie flavour is so out there that, like you, I’d have to give it a go. If I manage to get a packet, I’ll let you know.

  4. I’ll stick to my old favourite cheese and onion thanks… although it’s good to know that there is an alternative in case the oven packs in; think the range should be renamed ‘Plan B’

    • Ha, ha. Plan B. I like it. That would be the emergency pack (ahem), to be used if you burn the dinner – genius!

  5. I love mince pie, but somehow the idea of it in a crisp……… I think I’ll pass.

    BTW — what’s spiced gammon? I don’t think we have it in the States.

    • Gammon is a kind of ham, I think, but it has to be cooked, whereas ham is already cooked and ready to eat. Personally, I don’t touch the stuff, but it tends to go down well here.

  6. Mince pie flavoured crisps sound strange but tantalising. I’ll have to visit our local branch of The British Lolly Shop and ask them to get some in

    • I’m sure that once you taste them, it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget!

      Hello, nursemyra and welcome to my blog.

  7. The turkey with onion gravy one sounds good, but the other ones..eh, not so much.

    But I’m not one to mix sweet and salty together. Blech!

    • I imagine the mince pie crisps are not salty at all. Stay tuned, because if I manage to get hold of them, I’ll do a taste test and then report on it here on this blog.

  8. Such a hilarious idea, but i’d hate to go over to someone’s and see a pack of crisps for dinner.

    • Well I have to tell you, Sam, if someone invited me to Christmas dinner and presented bowls of crisps as the main meal, I would be mighty hacked off. As a bit of party fun though, I think it’s genius.

  9. I am not a huge crisp-fan (or a huge-crisp fan (though I do like the folded ones (and I AM lying a little bit because when crisps are in front of me I eat them until they’re gone)), and I am neither a big mince pie person (big mince pie person?), but I’d love to try a mince pie crisp.

    In my head it would be a salty and sweet since crisps are salty and mince pies are sweet, and I have always had a thing for chocolate and crisps in the same bite and other sweet/savoury blends.

    Please can you buy some and report back?

    • Denise. It just so happens I’m in the process of securing those Christmas crisps for a taste test. They’ve not been that easy to find and I’m still missing the pack which would be the starter for our Christmas meal. I hate cheese, so I won’t be testing the Wensleydale and cranberry flavour. If I can’t find the gammon, I’ll have to find a suitable substitute. The report will be on its way soon.

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