Racist Ranting Woman On A Croydon Tram: Not Something You See Every Day

November 30, 2011

The good people of Croydon certainly had a tram ride to remember last Sunday. A woman holding a small child on her lap was caught on camera giving a racist rant at the other passengers on the route between Croydon and Wimbledon. It was not her England anymore, she bleated, peppered with a machine gun delivery of industrial language. It’s full of blacks and Poles, she cried. Other people on the tram pitched in and it soon got very tasty. I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, Racist Ranting Tram Woman in all her glory.

You may have your own thoughts about this video and they’d be most welcome. I found myself appalled and amused at the same time, if you think that’s not a contradiction. Firstly because I knew she was talking total nonsense (London is not the rest of England, which in the main is reassuringly white for people like her) and secondly, I wondered if she’d gone one sniff over the edge with the Colombian marching powder, because she looked high on something. The tot on her lap appeared to be totally undisturbed by what was going on. Either he’s a child born of Zen, or being around shouty, sweary, racist people is the only environment he knows. Poor little mite.

The video was uploaded on Sunday, went viral on Monday and has since reached 4 million hits. Tram woman was soon identified and up before the court on Tuesday, charged with a racially aggravated public order offence. Her name is Emma West, 34 from New Addington, near Croydon. She said in the video she had a job. Not anymore, I’ll wager.

You may see things like this and wonder if the human race is going fast into reverse, but a blink-and-miss-it moment in the video gave me hope. A young black man, who was sitting behind Tram Woman suddenly shot up in anger after one of her most profound statements (“Go back to Nicuragruva where you come from!”). He was calmed down by a hug and a few words from a stranger: a young white woman. Some people just see a human being: that’s how it should be.

Finally, I found this on YouTube. It further trashes that brilliant German film Downfall, I’m afraid, but it’s a great response to Tram Woman’s rant. Enjoy.

Apologies for the industrial language on the preview pic here. Alas, I can’t change it.



  1. I did have to chuckle at this Pie… whilst shaking my head of course. Credit to those other passengers for restraining themselves. I might have to agree with one point this woman makes… If there were more people like her then maybe this Britain will not be so Great!

    • I think the other passengers were stunned into silence. Or you could say it was a typically British response for (most) people to try and ignore what was going on in front of them and hope it would eventually go away, because nothing lasts forever. Look at the young woman standing next to the black woman who challenged Tram Woman. She was absolutely determined to continue playing with her smartphone, like it was any other journey. “Nothing to see here. As you were.”

      I wonder if the response to this woman and her rant would’ve been the same if it was a man.

  2. Wow, what pure hatred she is spewing and her poor tot growing up thinking it’s normal.
    I see from the BBC News that people who knew this woman reported her after this went viral and she’s now gone before the courts for hate speech.
    I especially like how her words rather literally came back to bite her (karma or what ? LOL)
    NOT that anything she had to say was in any way funny… cringeworthy and ignorant are better words that spring to mind.

    People taking a tram were probably going to their places of work yes?
    ….so all of these “foreigners” are hard working, tax paying, contributing individuals to society… society NEEDS as many like THEM as it can get, no matter what colour they are or where they come from!

    Kudos for the lady giving hugs, it *shouldn’t* have to matter if she was black or white but sadly it did and she rose to the occasion… if it helped the guy who was obviously getting upset then bravo.

    I can only HOPE that it’s well known that this ISN’T the view of all white people towards foreigners and people of different race, religion or colour… and indeed IF the ignorance of bleeping tram woman were to be representative of *any* county then that country would have no reason to be proud.

    This is one instance when the invasion of mobile phones was actually put to good use.. to name and shame someone who needed to be held responsible for their hateful words and actions… and the internet was put to good use here too.

    I feel sorry for Ms Bleep woman, clearly she doesn’t know the joy of being a World Citizen, the wonderful discoveries and delights of being open to people and traditions of other cultures… her world is so much less full of colour, acceptance and love than it could be if only she had a bigger world view.

    • Some of those foreigners would’ve been going to work, yes. But some of those ‘foreigners’ may not have been foreigners at all, but born and bred British, particularly in England. Therefore, they are English, right?

      Hopefully, Tram Woman will have a chance to open her mind a little, once she’s served her punishment, whatever that may be. If only for the sake of the child

  3. What nasty vitriol she’s spewing out

    • Yup. Apparently she was in court today in tears, watching herself on the video. She remains in remand until her next court date, mainly for her protection

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