Goodbye 2011: Hello 2012!

December 31, 2011

We’re almost done and dusted for another year. 2011 is nearly over. Fallen dictators; uprisings and protests; financial global meltdown; natural disasters; exposure of a rancid media and the impending divorce of Russell Brand and Katy Perry. All this and more has made for an interesting year on this planet called Earth, locally and globally.

But enough about the exterior world: what about the interior? How about you? How has your year been? How is it ending? Whether it’s been a good year or not, we have the clean slate, also known as the start of a new year. It’s the time when, just for a moment, anything is possible. And for some of us, we’ll stretch that moment to the max, like the elastic band on a catapult, which holds our hopes and dreams. Then we’ll let go, so those dreams rocket to the end of the year and maybe beyond.

Whatever you do, make 2012 a great one. Happy New Year! Make a wish…

wishbone wish



  1. What a lovely post. The new year always feels like a fresh start.

    May yours be great! We’re all looking forward to reading your 2012 blog.

    • Thanks, Jacki. I’ll do my best to keep up standards for 2012, including posting more consistently. May your year also become a good one as the days go by. I look forward to your future comments.

  2. Thanks, Pie: wishing you perfect pastry all New Year long.. Cheers, Lx

    • Thanks, 10. Creating perfect pastry and lovely pies can be hard work, but it’s worth it. Stick around to see what will be coming out of the oven in 2012.

  3. “When you wish upon a star…” You’d better make sure it ain’t heading straight at you! Shock:

    Happy New Year Pie! 😀

    • If it is, then I’d better get ready to jump on it!

      A happy 2012 to you, Izzak. I hope it goes really well.

  4. Happy New Year…I wish the best for you!

    • And a happy new year to you, Oma.

      May we continue to bounce between our blogs as readers and commentators throughout this year 2012, even as we hurtle towards the bitter end predicted to be on December 21st, if the doom-mongers are to be believed.

  5. Been a slow start already. I blame the weather. Cold out there but I got a lift off with exercising this morning and eating a fruity breakfast.

    I’m late on the gossip news. Just heard this morning of the impending divorce. I kinda wondered how that would all turn out. Such stark contrasts there.

    Happy New Year to you. Glad I found you today ’cause this is my last day wishing it to anybody…You know, it gets old.

    • It’s always a slow start in January. I don’t know why. It’s almost like we’ve spent a week in slumber and are just starting to wake up. A happy new year to you, Totsymae. Thanks for commenting on my blog. You can come back anytime.

  6. Happy New Year Pie! All the best for 2012!

    • Thanks, Pauline. I hope 2012 treats you kindly and that you get everything you’re hoping for.

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