Whitney Houston R.I.P

February 12, 2012

We have another shocking death in the pop pantheon. Whitney Houston is dead. At the time of writing this, the cause is not known, but what we do know is that, according to TMZ, who broke the news of Michael Jackson’s death before the rest of the media caught up, she was found in the bath of her hotel room by her bodyguard at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. Attempts to resuscitate her failed. She was 48.

Whitney Houston

I remember when she burst on the scene. I was in a pub in Brixton one Sunday afternoon with the brothers and brothers-in-law of a friend of mine. There we were, four guys of Irish descent and me, in a pub having a jar. Then a video of this girl with a big voice singing Saving All My Love For You came on and we were all captivated. I didn’t know then that her mum was Cissy Houston, her cousin was Dionne Warwick and her Godmother was Aretha Franklin. That’s one hell of a musical Dynasty. From that first single, Houston’s ascent was rapid, culminating in her cover of Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You, which, like Bryan Adam’s Everything I Do, I Do It For You, stayed at number one in the charts for a millennium.

She met and married Bobby Brown… and that’s when her problems began. She developed a drug problem and she started to go downhill fast. Although she had tried to kick the habit, her most recent appearances, where we could see that her good looks, but more importantly, her once fabulous voice had been shot to pieces, left you with the feeling she was losing the battle. And now she’s gone. Personal problems aside, she was a multi-million dollar seller and had influenced many singers including Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.

I didn’t want to put up a video of that song, not least because everyone will play it to the living death and it’s not one of my favourites anyway. Have this one instead: in acapella. I should’ve added this to the list of my X Factor? My Arse! Or How To Do It Properly series. Ladies and gentlemen, please note: when you listen to this you will find Not. A. Whiff. Of. Autotune.

Hope she gets to rest in peace now. She certainly wasn’t on first name terms with tranquility in the last few years of her life. R.I.P, Whitney.



  1. Thank you Pie for this…I’m watching a tribute on 4music. And its a testament to her incredible voice which like you I was in awe of when she first came on the scene. I remember playing her debut album on cassette till it wore out! Rest in peace Whitney….

    • She had some horrible mawkish stuff as well (at least to my ears), but her voice was incredible. That, you cannot possibly deny.

      • Even with a selection of mawkish stuff Ms Houston still managed to win numerous awards including 6 Grammies. No mean feat that. Rumor has it that she might have been about to give a performance at tonights Grammy ceremony.. we will never know.

        • You may be right. I’m sure when I first heard of her death at around 1.30-2am UK time, there was talk of her performing at the Grammys. Or at least making an appearance. I would’ve hoped she didn’t become a car crash on live TV, but I suppose she’s been spared that now. Like Michael Jackson and his 50 date gig at the o2, we will forever be speculating on what might’ve been.

  2. It is so sad. 48 is no age. RIP Whitney.

    • You’d hope she’d make it to 50 at least, but it wasn’t meant to be. Nice to see you again, Sassy. Try not to leave it too long next time.

      • I won’t! I normally post under my other ego groovychick but haven’t updated that blog for so long. Need to get my act together lol. Spend more time on my sewing blog which is the Sassy T ego lol.

        • Aha!

  3. I wasn’t a big fan as I’m not much into pop music in general, but she did seem quite gifted. Hearing she died younger than expected does make me sad. Pardon my ghoulishness, but it’s ironic that after all her previous difficulties, it appears she fell asleep in the tub after taking something (possibly Xanax) prescribed legitimately for her.

    Your tribute’s clean and honest, Pie.

    • A horrible irony indeed, if that’s true. Baths are dangerous. I know what I’m talking about.

      Thanks for your comment about this tribute. I try to do it from the heart for people I like or admire. We all know where’s she’s been. There’s no need to further sensationalise it.

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