Titanic: The 100th Year Anniversary

April 15, 2012

It’s a hundred years since the RMS Titanic sank in the freezing North Atlantic on April 15th 1912. It launched at 12 noon on the 10th, hit the iceberg at 11.40pm on the 14th and went down to the seabed, becoming a watery grave at around 2.20am on the 15th. It’s hard to imagine the feeling of achievement when it was completed in Belfast, the feeling of pride when it set sail in Southampton and the feeling of horror when the public found out that the unsinkable… sank.

RMS Titanic

I often say I’m Officially Old™ on this blog, but my parents weren’t even a twinkling in their parent’s eye when this disaster occurred. What I remember about the Titanic when I was a young ‘un was a hokey 1980 film called Raise the Titanic. However, unlike the Twitter generation, who have just clocked on to the fact it was a real event and not a backdrop to the fictional Kate Winslet/Leonardo DiCaprio love story, I already knew what the Titanic was about. Speaking of which, there have been many films and TV shows about this epic event, but one of the best known, other than that film is the 1958 British effort called A Night To Remember. It’s a more sober and accurate event, featuring stoic men and silly women (except American ones: they were forthright and sparky).

A Night To Remember film poster

As befitting a big anniversary, there have been many events marking it and opportunities to cash in by producing tat embellished with images of the doomed ship using appropriate typography. From stamps and tea towels to hampers and books. But I found something in my trawl of t’internet, which left me speechless. A t-shirt company I’m not going to name produced these (I kid you not):

Titanic t-shirts set 1

The black one on the left says: “sinkable.”

Uh huh.

The White one on the right depicts the ship sailing into the iceberg, which is the white bit at the top part of the heart. Classy.

Titanic t-shirts 2

The black one on the left shows the ship breaking in two, with the copy “breaking up is hard to do.”

That one’s a real rib tickler…

The white one on the right has a picture of the captain, with these words: “Captain EJ Smith: Full speed ahead.”

Your thoughts please, ladies and gentlemen.

Finally, I thought I’d post these YouTube clips. They’re both related to James Cameron’s Titanic. One is a spoof sequel to the film, which has been brilliantly done. The other features the sinking scene played backwards to the film score. It’s an odd concept, but strangely beautiful.



  1. If Superman flew round the planet anti-clockwise again the sinking could have been avoided.

    • Superman could do anything. But not that.

  2. Pie is back!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those tee shirts are truly in poor taste. Which would be worse: to be the designer or the person wearing them?

    The heart one and the “breaking up is hard to do” strike me as the most offensive.

    • The breaking up is hard to do t-shirt was the one that left the jaw gaping. I know it’s a hundred years ago and it’ll probably be of less importance a hundred years later, but there needs to be some dignity, doesn’t there?

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