London 2012 Olympic Meltdown Countdown –100 Days To Go

April 18, 2012

A hundred days to go ‘til the Olympic games starts in good ol’ London Taaahn and so far, it’s been a hell of a ride. We’ve had a divisive logo, funny little mascots, ticket fiascos and special road lanes set up for the special people and their special wives so they can stay in the West End and do their special shopping in Mayfair. Fast food companies are sponsoring the festival of fitness (oh, the irony) and to make sure their investment won’t be compromised, those lucky enough to have tickets for the events won’t be allowed to bring their own food.

The Olympic rings

London workers are urged to change their work patterns to give our poor old public transport a fighting chance of working when the hoards descend, and we will continue, in perpetuity, to pay the price of a Walnut Whip every week to cover the costs of the games. For that money, most of us will be watching it on TV, because we couldn’t get tickets for any event, except football. But who wants to watch that when we get it almost 265 days of the year anyway? But we’re here, dammit, and we’ll soon be proud.

Like an overzealous mother who cleans the house from top to bottom in readiness for important visitors, all traces of the scrubbier side of Londinium, including prostitutes are being swept away, lest it gets in the way of the biggest promotion for Great Britain PLC since the Royal Wedding.

We’ll soon be open for business. The real countdown starts now.



  1. Oh Pie…

    I did snigger at this as I am feeling very bah humbugish about the forthcoming proceedings. You forgot the motto for the games that has been revealed today to mark the 100 day countdown… “Inspire a generation”…
    Hmmmm is all I have to say to that. Seeing as many of the legacy targets have been abandoned…
    And driving around Londinium today in “normal” rush hour was bas enough so how bad is it going to be once the “games lanes” are activated? I could go on and on such as the state of the roads being worse than a third world country but I think you catch my drift.

    Roll on September.

    • Legacy. A word I have come to hate since the days of shiny New Labour and Tony Blair. Let’s hope they can come good on at least one of the promised legacy targets. You know, I don’t think I really know exactly what the legacy targets were. For some reason I vaguely remember one target was to have a ‘green’ Olympics. I’m not sure if they were successful on that one. If you could furnish me with this information as a reminder, I would be very grateful.

      I will almost certainly be using the stations most affected by the Olympics as I commute to wherever I’m sent by my agency. Most of my journeys go through either bank or London Bridge stations. I am most excited about the journeys ahead!

  2. As one who doesn’t live in Londinium, about the only comment I can make is that I sympathize with how the Games will affect your getting around. Having to plan alternatives to the tube and buses definitely does not sound fun.

    Also: when we visited the Royal Observatory and were told the beautiful grounds would be used for equestrian events, I felt a combination of “what a lovely location!” and “what a shame to dig up this lovely location!”

    Our tour guide said there was controversy about this choice of location, but didn’t elaborate. What’s your perspective?

    • There was controversy.

      The people of Greenwich didn’t want their park dug up to put up a temporary equestrian centre just because the vista would’ve made good TV. There was a fear that Greenwich park (which is gorgeous) would be permanently damaged and was seen to be unnecessary, given that there were other places where it could’ve been held. I used to go to the top of the park where the observatory is for a bit of roller skating practice. I haven’t been there for a year, but I’m now left wondering if that path has been left intact. And even if it is, I wonder if restrictions would be in place, so the residents of Greenwich can’t enjoy (all of) the park.

  3. That is a terrible shame. That park is so beautiful, and if there are other appropriate venues, how sad to use the park.

    But when the Powers That Be want something done, I guess they just go and do it.

    • Yup!

      We’ll have to wait until after the event to see how much of the park has been affected. Hopefully any damage caused will be minimal and fixed quickly.

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