Abraham Lincoln For The Twilight Generation

June 15, 2012

Abraham Lincoln.

President, fighter for equality and human rights, and recipient of an angry man’s bullet. This we all know. But apparently, there was another side to him hitherto unknown. Thanks to fellow blogger Invisible Mikey’s brilliant post called My Wonderful, Hideous Golden Opportunity, featuring the video below, I’m starting to see one of America’s greatest presidents in a new light. And I thought his high point was the Gettysburg Address…

Uh-huh. And Winston Churchill was a werewolf.



  1. Here I thought Winnie was a Dalek…

    • Some people may well had thought that, Mikey!

      Your comment was in the spam folder for some reason. As I’ve hardly touched this blog for three months, it was probably languishing, waiting for me to release it. Well, I’ve done it now. Hopefully you won’t have any more problems. I’ll keep an eye on it.

  2. Hi Pie!!

    What a riot. Somehow I’d just never seen old Honest Abe in that light. Abraham Lincoln — superhero and Jedi President.

    There are possibilities here for getting kids interested in American history.

    P.S. How’s your job going?

    • I like your optimism, Jacki. I think they’ll just see him as a badass fighter with an axe. Like, raaad, dude!

      The work is going fine. The one day job became three months, which is why I haven’t written much, or read other blogs. I think I’ll have a little more time in the next week or so. The plan is to catch up on some blogs and post something here. I’m toying with the idea of a second blog, but given the struggle I have maintaining this one at the moment, it may have to stay on the shelf for a bit.

      • What would your second blog be about? Lucky for us!

        • I can’t say at the moment, other than it will be more visual. I’m building up a photo library, so when the time’s right, I can get stuck in. Oh, and I will probably go under a different user name, but those who need to know it’s my new baby will be told.

  3. They totally texted him whenever there were vampires to fight.

    • Yeah, like… awesome!

  4. And Harry Truman as a zombie.

    • Ha! Are you sure you don’t mean George Bush? Mind you, as a Brit with scant knowledge of all the American presidents, you may well be right!

      Welcome to my blog, Hippie Cahier. You can come again and comment whenever you like.

      • Hi Pie!

        From my less than lofty perch in the thick of the woods (let’s see how many ways I can twist this metaphor!), I’m not allowed to comment on living US Presidents. 🙂

        The day after the US presidential election in 1948, the Chicago Tribune printed the erroneous headline that (New York Governor Thomas E.) Dewey Defeat(ed) Truman.

        Like a zombie, though, Truman would not be defeated! He remained President.

        Dewey clearly forgot Rule #2: Double tap.

        I think I’m following you for real this time. WordPress confuses me sometimes. In the words of a possible future president: I’ll be baaaack.

        Looking forward to TJ’s adventures in London. The Oma is headed in the same general direction soon.

        • If Truman was prime minister in this country now, he’d be called Teflon Truman, because nothing sticks to him. Funnily enough, we did have a prime minister in recent years who managed to dodge many bullets (metaphorically speaking) in his tenure.

          The Jolie should have a fine old time in Londinium once she arrives, as should Oma, if that’s where he’s heading.

  5. Pie, please keep me posted on the maybe new blog!

    • As soon as I get it up and running, I’ll let you know. I’ll soon be looking at themes and testing them out. Because I like to create my own headers, I’ll be testing a few of those too.

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