The London 2012 Olympics – Tom Daley Twitter Abuse

August 1, 2012

Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield, our British synchronised diving team, came fourth and lost out on a medal at the Aquatic Centre in Stratford on Monday. It was a bitter defeat for both of them, particularly Tom, a young man who has captured the hearts of many people in Blighty and around the world.

Tom Daley British Olympic diver

A very nice young man… perfect target for trolls

The death of his father through brain cancer last year is well known. It’s also well known that winning gold in this event would’ve been in his honour. He probably felt sick losing out on a medal and felt he’d let his dad down. I think we could all acknowledge that and would’ve rallied round.

Well, not all of us. Some knob decided to kick the man when he was already down, in the way he knew would hurt most. He sent a tweet, which said: “You let your dad down. I hope you know that.” He may as well have clubbed a seal, because when Tom responded by retweeting what this tool had said, it brought a massive response from the Twitterverse. Ladies and gentlemen, when a Twitter storm kicks in, Kansas braces itself.

The troll apologised at first, but later started sending threatening tweets. Trolls, for reasons I still cannot fathom, send nasty messages like this, and worse, to get a reaction. Maybe they didn’t spend enough time at their mother’s breast, or didn’t get enough attention when they were young. Whatever the reason, they’re out there. Since that foray into the kingdom of troll, he’d been identified as a 17 year-old living in a guesthouse in Weymouth and was getting his collar felt by the police. He probably thought, safely tucked up in his room with his computer, that he could get away with being a complete arse. Well, you got that one wrong fella: very wrong. Recent reports came in that he was given a harassment warning and is on bail, pending enquiries into other communications on his account.

Karma’s a bitch, and she ain’t playin’.



  1. I think you were kind by referring to him as a knob. I’d call him something worse. (But I do like the term “knob”. I’m sure I’ll be borrowing that at some point.)

    • I would’ve called him much, much worse, but I’m trying to keep my industrial language to a minimum. Besides, calling someone a knob is not as kind as you think. It’s short for knobhead. I’m sure you can work it out…

      I’ve always liked the word ‘dumbass’ to describe really stupid people. It’s possibly one of the best imports from America.

  2. Awful that some people seem to think that they can be hateful and spiteful and say terrible things just because they are sitting behind a computer screen saying them instead of face to face.

    I bet this coward wouldn’t have had the guts to face Tom in person and say those words… and Tom certainly doesn’t deserve anything but *praise* for getting to a standard of diving that puts him within medal striking distance anyway.

    In the end Tom will always be a bigger man than the sorry excuse for a human being who did this, and who now appears to be getting the attention he deserves from the Boys in Blue.

    • You were in the moderating pen, Kiwi. Did you change your email address?

      People like that generally don’t have courage and don’t achieve much. We do suffer from ‘tall poppy syndrome’ in this country. This is where we like people on the way up until they reach a certain level, then we think it’s time to bring them down a peg or two. Our media is particularly good at it. This is a generalisation of course, because not everyone is like that, but this fool took it to a whole new level.

      • Tom will be doing the individual dive next week. I hope he wins gold. That’ll be one in the eye to the trolls.

  3. Ugh this was absolutely despicable. I’m glad he’s been caught and given punishment – I really do hate the trolls. They are giving those little toy trollz with funky hair a bad name!

    • Lol! I’d forgotten about those toy trolls. They really are horrible little things, but somehow still cute. Unlike the internet variety.

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