The London 2012 Olympics – Jessica Ennis, Olympic Goddess

August 5, 2012

adidas take the stage poster jessica ennis take the crown

Yeah. She did.



  1. She was great as Mo Farah was, Christine Ohuruogu did well, Britons track and field will fail as usual.

    • Do you think so? Really? Couldn’t we have a breakthrough this time as we we’ve been doing so well? Certainly better than our male football team, but that’s another story…

      • So far they are still failing 🙂 the French are asking questions why are Briton so good.

        • They don’t need to ask questions. They should look and learn 😉

          Alas, we seem to be crap at swimming events, one silver and one bronze medal excepted. I’m hoping Tom Daley will change that this week.

          • We are even worse at track and field

  2. She only lives 15 minutes away from me, I may go and kidnap her.

    • I think her fiancée may have something to say about that…

      • I’m ‘Ard Pete. I’ll knock him arrt.

        • I know it!

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