The London 2012 Olympics – Boris Johnson Caught Dad Dancing At The Closing Ceremony

August 14, 2012

We had our London 2012 Olympic closing ceremony on Sunday. I had high hopes for it after our opening ceremony just a few short weeks ago, but, with a few notable exceptions (a very dead Freddie Mercury from Queen stealing the show for one), it was a bitter disappointment, so I’m going to leave it there. But there was something in that show, lasting only a few seconds, which peaked my interest. Boris Johnson, our esteemed mayor of Londinium was caught dad dancing. And it was brutal. There’s a reason why the royals remain seated. He’s the blonde one with the red tie on the right.

I laughed with the rest of the nation. But then the cogs in my head started turning and I had to ask the hard question as someone who is Officially Old™: when do you become too old to dance? When do your cool moves of yesteryear become an embarrassment at weddings? Pray you’re never caught on camera.

Just a month ago, I was at an after hours event at London Zoo, where there was a silent disco. I’ve never been the one that clears the dance floor by flailing about as if I’d been tasered. I’m a self-contained moving Pie and I think I acquitted myself well that night. But now, in the light of the Boris dad dance, I wonder if I’ve been deluding myself all along and my friends have been too polite to tell me that, consistent with my age, I have developed the moves of a baby elephant hopping on hot coals. There again, there are some people who have always danced like a sack of fighting puppies. Or a deep-sea diver.

Yup! I think I’m doing OK…



  1. I think seeing Boris dancing was the highlight of the entire Olympics for me! In no way do I think I can ‘through shapes’ but I think I am far from the ‘standards’ of dear Boris

    • throw, not through… how embarrassing :/ note to self; when taking the mick out of someone, make sure you don’t show yourself up in the process…

    • Our esteemed mayor has set his own standard. He would be a hard act to follow…

  2. I don’t think Mr. Johnson looked so bad………given that my dancing is similar.

    • Comrades in dad dancing, eh?

      Bojo (commonly used hybrid of Boris and Johnson, like TomKat, or Brangelina) would welcome you with open arms.

  3. I think it’s because there aren’t any actual “moves” to that kind of dancing, so it’s only acceptable when you are young and hot-looking. If Boris really knew how to dance it would be different. I liked his cheerful cluelessness anyway.

    • You have the measure of our mayor right there, Mikey. He does seem to bumble along (being stuck on a zipwire at Victoria Park in Tower Hamlets last week being a good example) and spout Latin at a drop of a hat, but I don’t think he’s as clueless as he makes out. Still, he entertains the nation and that’s what we need right now in these hard times.

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