Why I’m Going To The #Actionaidblogparty

August 14, 2012

Not the usual type of title you’d expect from one of my posts, dear reader. Indeed, it has not come from my (sometimes) fertile brain. Here’s why I’m using it.

Mel, one of my most regular readers and an occasional commentator who works for Actionaid, put me forward for this event – a blogparty! I know what a block party is, but a blogparty?

Here’s what it involves. There’ll be talks, short films, a brainstorming session and top tips on blogging and social media. All sounds good, doesn’t it? But I ummed and ahhed about getting involved, because: 1. I wasn’t sure how blogging for this, or any other charity, would work. 2. I don’t write for other people. I do this purely for my own amusement. 3. The tone of my blog is mostly irreverent and at times can be snarky. Surely, they want someone writing with the right mixture of gravitas and reverence? In the end, my curiosity overruled my doubts and I decided to give it a go. At the very least I’ll know more at the end of the session than I did before I started. And I’ll meet some nice people.

So I’ve signed up and I’m going. I have no idea how this will unfold. What I am sure of is that I’ll be filled with cake and biscuits. I’m willing to go with that!

I’ll let you know, in due course, how it went.



  1. Interesting concept. Look forward to reading your findings. And so long as there is a biscuit or 4 with a cuppa I’m sure I’ll be ok 😉

    • Well, a blogger needs to be fed!

  2. looking forward to hearing more about this! especially when a biscuit is involved! 😉

    • It’ll take a few days (I have another post pending), but I’ll tell all fairly soon. Welcome to my blog.

  3. It was nice meeting you today and I’m looking forward seeing you on Twitter 😉

    • Hey, Margot (or would you like me to call you Gosia?). Nice to see you here. it was really good meeting you and the other bloggers I’m hoping to write about this in the next few days. If I get my act together and finally sign up, you’ll see on Twitter.

      • You can call me Gosia, Gocha, Margot… what ever is easier to remember for you 🙂 Please, do let me know when you post so I will update the link in my post to your article and in meantime I hope to see you on Twitter…

  4. Hope you enjoyed it Pie! I gather there was plenty of biscuit and cake as some came back to the office for the office mice to eat… I only wish I could have been there. I’ll look forward to your post on it. I always look forward to your posts anyway! Big love Mel xx

    • Awww, that’s sweet… thank you!

  5. Do we get to hear an update on the flavors of biscuits and cake available?

    Looking forward to hearing about the event.

    I just became a Twitter-user and will follow you!

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