Mama Said Knock You Owwwwwwt! – LL Cool J Takes Down Burglar In His Home

August 27, 2012

So there was LL Cool J, sleeping in his crib, when he was woken up by the home security alarm. He went to investigate; he found an intruder; he fought with the intruder; he brought him down; the police arrived; the intruder was taken downtown. The intruder had a broken nose, jaw and ribs. LL Cool J was unharmed. A scene from NCIS: Los Angeles? Naah! This was for real.

LL Cool J

So you want to break into the house of a man with arms like these? Oo–kaaay, then. Go ahead: knock yourself out…

The intruder was a 56 year-old man who has an extensive rap sheet. Apparently, he could go down for a very long time under the three strikes rule. Meanwhile, LL Cool J, real name James Todd Smith, is acquiring a new fan base. And unlike many Hollywood stars and celebrities who play at being tough, he’s proven to be more hardcore than Chuck Norris.

Expect sales of Mama Said Knock You Out to go stellar, very soon:

Hey! Agents of Hollywood! Team him up with Samuel L. Jackson. Two badasses in one movie? It’ll be a box office smash! It’s a hit – a hit, I tell ya!



  1. I can’t claim to be a big hip hop fan. And I’ve not been drawn in by LL’s acting skills on the CSI or SUV whatever show he’s on. But there is something about this guy that just makes me melt. I’d like to have him on security duty at my place.

    • Wouldn’t we all? You’d never have to worry about your home again!

  2. He was impressive as host of the Grammy’s this year .I think it was the Grammy’s. The awards shows all seem the same anymore. He didn’t knock anyone out . . .as far as I know.

    • Well, he didn’t need to ’til last week…

  3. Obviously the intruder never saw that video. I wonder if he had any idea whose house he was breaking into.

    That tune is going to be in my head all day now. Catchy!

    And what a great end to the video. “Todd………?”

    • It’s one of my favourite LL Cool J tracks from the small number I know about. His mother (or someone playing his mother) at the end of the video was a nice touch.

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