Million-Dollar Crazy! Clint Eastwood Talks To An Empty Chair Called Obama At The Republican National Convention

September 4, 2012

The Republican National Convention was held in Tampa, Florida last week. It’s something I wouldn’t normally pay much attention to (although as a resident of the 51st state called the United kingdom, I really should), but I was alerted by friends to a video featuring one of the big speakers at this event. Once I saw who it was, I sat bolt upright. It was Clint Eastwood: I paid attention.

The first thing that struck me was his voice – I was shocked! That husky, barely concealed menace pushed through gritted teeth, had turned into wobbly old geezer. I was still reeling from that when he suddenly turned to his left and started talking to an empty chair. For some reason, he was asking questions of this inanimate object and repeatedly addressed it as President Obama. The chair, wisely remained silent as all the troubles of the world were laid at its door… err… foot… umm… oh, forget it! Man, Eastwood was pissed. Back in the day, Dirty Harry wouldn’t have asked questions: he would’ve just shot the chair to pieces.

Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry

As it was, we had the embarrassing spectacle of an old man kvetching. Given his love of the forest, as demonstrated in one of his earlier films, we should not had been at all surprised to find him communing with one of its descendants…

Hey! Clint! Let me introduce you to Michelle. I’m sure you’ll have lots to talk about…

empty chair with a red cushion



  1. Eastwooding (arguing with furniture) is the new planking:

    • I’ve heard about this, Mikey. Those pictures are really rather good. Eastwooding’s the new planking. I like it.

  2. Haha… talking to a CHAIR??? Seriously? (clearly I missed something LOL) is that what’s called a “wooden” acting performance?
    Hmm.. if I go talk to my kitchen cabinets about the upcoming Dutch election do you think they too could be an internet sensation? Personally I think the desk in the dining room and the old cupboard upon which the TV sits would be jealous.
    Btw… never mind what Eastwood said, the REALLY interesting bit would surely be what the chair said back!!!!
    (although “no comment” probably WAS the wisest reply in the end, that chair was from the sticks after all and maybe Clint just couldn’t see the wood for the trees?)

    • Couldn’t see the wood for the trees! Very good, Kiwi, very good indeed.

  3. “The new PLANKING”… wink… brilliant on all levels 🙂

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