Andy Williams R.I.P

September 27, 2012

Those swingers and crooners must be having a hell of a party in the clouds right now. Andy Williams has just joined them at the age of 84, after losing his battle with bladder cancer.

Andy Williams, 1960s

He had many hits including Moon River, Solitaire, Music To Watch The Girls Go By and Love Story, but this is my favourite Andy Williams song. I was a wee one when I heard it, but I understood what was going on, even if I couldn’t articulate it at the time. He had a wonderful way of bending the notes and the pizzicato strings are sublime.

While I was looking for that video, I stumbled upon this one. Of course, in the days of variety shows such as his, there would’ve been many top-notch guests, but I really enjoyed this one, not least because Andy’s really going for it in a Jazz style and both he and Sammy Davis Jr looked really comfortable with each other.

And then I found more gems, including this one. I understand the Christmas shows were legendary. I didn’t even know he had brothers.

Finally, I was hoping to find this vid, because the thing I remember from the Andy Williams show, when I was a small Pie in Blighty, was the bear that always asked for milk and cookies – and never got them. I thought it was odd then. It’s practically surreal now. What the hell were the producers smoking back then?

Andy Williams: crooner and bear baiter. You’ll be sorely missed.



  1. Nice variety of clips! The one piece of Andy Williams trivia I know is that he was approached by a studio exec while a teenaged singer about the possibility of dubbing for Lauren Bacall when she was to sing in the film “To Have and Have Not”. Bogart went to bat for her, so her real voice was used. Andy got plenty of other work.

    I loved the Simpsons episode where Bart and his school pals go to Branson, Missouri, because Nelson Muntz’ mom is performing at Andy’s Moon River Theater. Andy sings “Moon River”, and Nelson, the school bully, is reduced to uncontrollable tears.

    • Andy would’ve always got work. I can’t imagine ‘not being able to dub for Lauren Bacall’ would’ve been one of his greatest failures.

      That sounds like a great Simpsons episode. I wonder if they have a clip of that on YouTube. It’s very likely, isn’t it?

      • I looked, but could only find a Spanish version. Oh well, I know it exists somewhere.

  2. I love the old crooners. I loved Andy Williams “music to watch the girls go by” I always get sad when I hear of an singer or actor from back in the day dying. RIP Andy.

    • Hey, Sassy – welcome back!

      I played Music To Watch The Girls Go By today and felt like a cool, swinging 60s Pie. Thems were the tunes. Thems were the days…

  3. Great songs. I loved the one with Sammy Davis Jr. — the two of them played off each other so nicely.

    That bear! Don’t you feel a bit sorry for him?

    • The Sammy Davis Jr and Andy Williams combo was lovely to watch, which is why I put it in this post. As for the bear, you could feel sorry for someone (something?) not getting what they want because we all know what that feels like, but it was a strange, strange thing to put in that show.

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