The 21st December 2012 has come and gone… And The World Is Still Here

December 23, 2012

Well, what were you doing when the world was about to end on the 21st December? Laughing? Crying? Keeping your tin hat firmly on your head in anticipation of the collapse of civilisation, as we know it? Or did you spend your time regretting that you didn’t act on your bucket list sooner? I suggest, dear reader, that while some people were trying to congregate on a French mountain, in the belief that aliens would arrive to take them to a safe place, most of us were at work, school, or home. In other words, it was business as usual.

Dr Smith and Will Robinson Lost In Space we're doomed

We’re dooo… oh. Actually, we’re not… damn!

There was of course another event, which happens on that day every year without fail. But a bunch of people gathering at Stonehenge to celebrate the Winter Solstice wasn’t going to make big news. Not when you have people using up their life savings to stock up on supplies, dig bunkers and generally wait for the end to come. Bet they feel stupid now.

What is it with these doomsday people? Every time a new date is set for the end of the world (remember the Rapture last year?) they get super fearful and super excited. They’re like auto-erotic asphyxiation enthusiasts, who, with the help of a rope, someone’s hands, or an orange, get themselves to the point where death is almost certain, but pull back at the last minute… and behold! The orgasm!

Within all of us, to a greater or lesser degree, there’s a smug satisfaction in being proven right, but how will that be savoured when you leave this world with the rest of us? Personally, I’ll take my chances with the four horsemen when they come. I should only be fearful when there’s something to be fearful about.

So, until the next apocalyptic prediction arrives…



  1. Guess I shouldn’t have dug that hole under my apartment then?

    • Ha ha ha. Nice one, Lisa. Good to see you here again. I hope you’re OK. I know it’s not been easy for you this year, but hopefully, things will get better in 2013.

  2. “DANGER, Will Robinson!” and Happy Christmas, Pie!

    • I forgot about that! I have one of those B-9 robots screaming out that phrase. No danger yet… until the next time. A merry Christmas to you too, Mikey.

  3. Well said! And why doesn’t the end of the world mean THE END? Do the people stockpiling supplies and building bunkers really think there will be survivors and, if so, why would they want to live through such a disaster?
    I have my own theory on why these predictions never seem to come to pass…

  4. Although the world did not end, December turned out to be pretty damned lousy. Here’s to a better 2013! I’ve had the Kinks tune Better Things running on an endless loop in my head. That’s not a bad thing to have looping through the brain. I once had the theme song from Green Acres stick in my brain for two whole weeks. That felt like the end of the world.

    • I read your last post and I can see now why December wasn’t your best month. I really hope 2013 is better for you.

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