Pie’s 2012 – Here’s What I Didn’t Write Earlier

December 31, 2012

2013 is nearly here and many of us will be reflecting on 2012 as the moments tick away.

Goodbye 2012, hello 2013

Oooh, look! New shiny year coming…

You may wish there were things you’d done this year. I certainly wish I’d had time to write the following:

The Olympics. You’d think I’d written more than enough on that subject, but there was so much more. For instance, I didn’t tell the story of the Olympic torch passing through Tower Hamlets, or the week of odd happenings at London Bridge station in more detail. Here’s a pic of one of those happenings.

Olympics 2012 aliens at London Bridge station

Not the usual aliens on a Monday morning commute.

Actionaid Blog party. I was to write an update on the event. I went, but in the end, didn’t take part in the campaign itself. The fruit and cakes were nice though.

Cinema ninjas hired to keep order. Volunteer ninjas, dressed in black, were employed at the Prince Charles Cinema to step in and silence people who yak on their phones and generally chat through films. Imagine something coming out of the shadows and scaring the bejeezus out of you. You’d stay quiet for sure. I assume staff will be provided with a shovel and bucket, like keepers at a zoo. Just in case.

Music. The X Factor My Arse section of this blog died a small death, but I aim to resurrect it in 2013. I really wanted to write about Psy, the South Korean sensation (whopam Gangnam Style!). That kind of music would normally have me running for the hills, but dammit, this one caught me and I just can’t get enough. Seriously.

Weird food stories. There was so much weird food out there including giant custard cream biscuits, which were being sold at Costa Coffee chains for a limited time. I would love to have tried that one. Deep fried Mars Bars, a very Scottish delicacy was under threat by Mars, Who didn’t want their product to be used in a way that would endorse unhealthy eating! Yes, dear reader, that’s exactly what I thought. As far as I know it’s still being sold. Someone in the West Midlands went one better and produced a deep fried Christmas dinner, containing the usual suspects of turkey, Brussels sprouts, Christmas pudding and mince pies. The winner, however, has to be the Hoxton bar, raided because it was selling cocktails infused with whale skin. The cocktail was called Moby Dick. Good job it was only whale skin…

Stupid criminals. I missed out on a whole raft of stupid criminal stories to write about, but I’ll quickly give you two. A shoplifter stole a handful of scotch bonnet peppers from an Asian food shop and munched a few. Within minutes he’d collapsed with stomach cramps. He was found doubled up, coughing and vomiting on the pavement. He also had more peppers, a milkshake and juice in his pockets. Bet he wished he’d drunk the milkshake first. Another set of numptys stole fireworks from a portable building in a field, only to find they were duds.

Headline people. There were many, some from the Olympics and Paralympics, but these ones stood out for me. Fabrice Muamba was a footballer for Bolton playing against Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) when he collapsed on the pitch. It was a heart attack: he was 23. Medics worked on him on the pitch and in hospital for two hours. He was effectively dead. It seemed the whole world was praying for Muamba. Amazingly he survived. He can’t play football anymore, but he’s inspiring people wherever he goes. Compare and contrast Jimmy Savile. He was a big British TV personality for many years, doing good works for hospital charities. I even wrote an obituary when he died just over a year ago, blinded as I was by my childhood nostalgia. Well, that childhood nostalgia was blasted away as it was revealed he was a prolific paedophile, who preyed on the young and vulnerable at Top Of The Pops shows, travelling radio roadshows and hospitals. The fallout was huge. The BBC was put on the rack and the Director General resigned after being in the job less than two months. The number of women (and a few men) who came forward to report their abuse at his hands reached approximately 400. And I’m sure this won’t be the end of it.

Well, that’s my 2012, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for reading my stuff and nonsense this year. I wish a happy and bright new year for you, dear reader. Let’s see what 2013 will bring.



  1. Happy New Year, Pie! (I see it will be in 15 minutes where you are.)

    • It was, and we’re in it properly now. This year will go like the wind, so we must do all we can now.

  2. Happy New Year!

  3. Oh my goodness! Love the stupid criminal paragraph!

    • I hope to keep up with the stupid criminals and write about as many as possible this year. When the news in general can be unrelentingly grim, those stories always make me smile.

  4. Happy New Year Pie

    • Thanks, Sudo. I look forward to you Apple updates (amongst other things) in 2013.

  5. Happy January 3!

    I loved your news update. You know, it’s not too late to do a post about Psy. You’ll be very proud of me to know that I learned how to do the Horse Dance.

    • Well done, Jacki! The horse dance is great!

      I can’t do it with full force at the moment because of my dodgy left foot which has been a source of frustration to me since March 2012. I’ll be writing about it for sure. When it eventually regains full strength, I’ll be doing that horse dance like it’s going out of fashion. Mind you, it will probably be out of fashion by the Summer.

  6. Happy New Year to you Pie, you have summed it up all very nicely!

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