Oscar Pistorius Shoots His Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2013

I woke up this morning to the news that Oscar Pistorius, Paralympic champion and the most famous South African after Nelson Mandela, had shot dead his girlfriend at his home in a gated community in Pretoria. Initial reports said he might have mistaken Reeva Steenkamp, a model, for a burglar. I fought against jumping to conclusions straight away and decided to reserve judgement until the dust had started to settle. However, I should tell you, dear reader, I was wondering what the poor girl did to be mistaken for an intruder. Did she come in through the back door? Did she climb through the window like the Milk Tray Man to give him a Valentine surprise? Was he tired and wasn’t thinking straight?

Oscar Pistorius at London Olympics 2012

And that’s all I knew. It was a tragic event, and on Valentine’s Day too. But then, a few short hours later, I heard he was to be charged with murder! Like a Meerkat, I suddenly sat bolt upright. Then there were revelations about previous domestic strife in the home. It was all starting to get very messy. The golden boy, within the space of a few hours, had become the man of lead.

There are some prison systems in the world you’d never want to find yourself in. I think the prisons in South Africa are one of them. As one of my brothers sagely said in a group messaging session, it looks like he’ll soon be moving from one gated community to another. Whatever happens in the coming weeks and months, 2013 will be a Valentine year the families on both sides will never forget.

Ben Johnson’s drug cheating is starting to look like small beer now, isn’t it?



  1. How tragic! & what a waste of precious lives…

    • Yup! No winners there…

  2. Sadly, I’d never heard of Ms. Steenkamp until she’d passed. I looked her up and I have to say that so many burglars look like her. How many of us could say we wouldn’t make the same mistake?

    • Indeed.

      I think we can safely say that any model thinking of taking up burglary as a second job will now reconsider.

  3. Sad isn’t it. The Blade Runner was a household hero with us. We went to last day of Paralympics and saw his final gold run. The crowd was so loud it and the run was perfection. He was a great poster boy for the whole Olympic season without being unbearably wholesome. Sad sad sad.

    Yup Ben Johnson feels like small beer now but I still think Lance Armstrong’s feels like a whole pub cellar of shame. ;-p

    • I bet Lance Armstrong’s glad the heat’s off him now…

  4. Terrible news… poor lady, poor family, the awful problems of home invasions and guns, come together with devastating consequences.

    It looks like he’s gone from Hero to Zero in a day…there are certainly some hard questions to ask: why shoot through a door ? why not identify your target before pulling the trigger?

    Add Tiger Woods, and most of the world’s professional cycling teams, steroid taking weightlifters and some match-fixing cricketers to the ones glad to NOT be in the News for all the wrong reasons…

    • With those examples you quoted, plus the report out this week about the shameful behaviour of the Australian swim team at the London Olympics last year, it would appear there are many feet of lead in the sports world.

      The stuff coming out of the bail hearing for Pistorius this week has been eye popping. Unless he has a defence team with the power of a wizard and a coven of witches, a jail sentence is inevitable.

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