Pie’s On Twitter!

March 1, 2013

I’m on Twitter… what have I done?

Twitter pie

“Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a…” Oh, suit yourselves!

After dancing around the idea and reading up on the pros and cons, I finally took the plunge late last year and signed up. It’s another avenue of blog promotion of course, but I also wanted to be part of the Twitterverse in general. There’s so much you can do: follow the news; see what your favourite celebrities are up to; be inspired by interesting quotes, articles and music; voice your opinions, and generally waste a lot of time.

I have decided Twitter is more dangerous than Facebook for two reasons: 1) It’s more immediate, giving plenty to opportunity to tweet before you think, and 2) It’s an even bigger popularity contest, shattering egos with each unfollow. One of the benefits of being Officially Old™ is that I don’t care about collecting thousands of followers, which is just as well, as my current follower count at the time of writing is an earth shattering 44. Having said that, I remember the excitement of finding my 140-character nonsense retweeted and favourited for the first time. It’s been happening regularly since then, which just goes to show you don’t have to be a big fish to make an impact.

My big thing at the moment is tweeting about favourite TV shows with fellow fans. It’s a strange thing to tweet while you’re watching a show, particularly subtitled ones (I’m currently watching the French cop drama ‘Spiral’ on BBC4), but it does feel like a community for an hour or two. My fingers would’ve been on fire if I’d been on Twitter at the time of the 2012 Olympics. The Eurovision Song Contest is coming soon. I’m getting ready…

I feel sorry for celebrities sometimes. People are always asking them to retweet about their wheely dog charity, or something. They’d look mean if they didn’t, though I’m sure most would do it anyway. The really odd ones are those who ask for a retweet of a birthday wish to their great aunt Ada, or little Johnny. I know Twitter brings you closer to your favourite celebrity, but not that close. One person randomly mentioned Jamie Bulger’s birthday in their retweet request in the hope a particular celebrity would follow through. I was left blinking at the screen when I saw that one.

So there you have it. I’ll either be on this Twitter thing for a long time, or it’ll do my head in and I’ll leave sharpish. If you want to follow me, marvel at my mastery of 140 characters and respond in kind, you’re more than welcome. I’m @shortcrustpie. See you in the Twitterverse!



  1. I don’t take twitter that seriously. So am not a*sed about unfollowers, most regular people aren’t that bothered. You get a lot of random followers who follow for you to follow them and after a while if you haven’t, they unfollow. No big deal lol.

    • Can’t you make your link clickable lol.

      • The new Twitter widget thingy on the right has the clickable link if you want to follow me. Go try it and see what happens.

        You’re right, Sassy. The ones who unfollow quickly are the ones who expected a follow back. I follow people without automatically expecting a follow in return. What I forgot to mention is that there are some people who follow with the expectation of a follow back without sending one tweet. That really is the definition of sad.

  2. Oh la la, another “Spiral” fan!!!!

    I LOVE this series too (along with Montalbano “, “the Bridge”, “Borgen” , “The Killing” and “Wallander”)
    I also have a semi-decent collection of foreign language films which I started being interested in watching over 20 years ago when I discovered that a local New Zealand cinema would show them regularly (I confess to seeing “Cinema Paradiso” four times in a cinema and too many times to count once I bought the DVD)

    I love the very French way that say for instance, Judge Roban deals with things: in one series he doesn’t want to give information too quickly to people who are trying to bring him down but he’s forced to provide a document by a deadline, so he hands a blank sheet of paper to Marianne his clerk of court of tells her to fax it, she says “but it’s blank”… he smiles and says they will think the fax machine is broken so it will buy them the time they need.

    …or in this series, when he is threatened by another Judge who hates him and he says “are you threatening me”.. with a wry smile that shows he really doesn’t care…

    This series is both subtle and brutally blunt with the information it shows and it’s a very French mix… it’s also good for my French which is just the icing on the cake.

    Cool you are now on Twitter! I “tweet” the titles of my blog posts via the widget thingy on WordPress but rarely have time to do more, I’m not sure how to contact you on Twitter but I am “@Kiwidutch1” if that helps you to contact me. If you do I will have to figure out how to follow you back LOL (and I will have to remember to log onto twitter more than twice a year LOL)

    Happy Tweeting!!!

    • I’m thoroughly enjoying Spiral at the moment. I also loved The Killing and Borgen. I watched a couple of episodes of Inspector Montalbano and only one episode of The Bridge. I was never interested in Wallander.

      I’ll go and find you on Twitter and follow you, even if you only tweet once in a while. If you want to follow me, you can click on the ‘follow’ button where the Tweety Pie widget is to the right of this page, or you can click on the button with the blue bird on the right hand side of my profile page if you go to Twitter direct.

  3. See you over there Pie!

  4. Great site! Part of my blog is also comedy, but with serious subjects too (latest one is just a review of survey sites, but that’s just a one time post). I’m following your site now and check me out at http://laughatmypain.wordpress.com/

    • Thanks for popping in. I’ll give your site a go as soon as I get a proper free moment. I like to give blogs the time they deserve.

  5. Pie! You’re on Twitter, wahey! I love coming back to your site knowing that I’ll full well spend an hour or so just looking through your previous posts. Always the entertainer 🙂 Expect a follow from me soon.

    • Hey, Silvershadowfly! It’s good to see you again. You can follow me whenever you’re ready. I’ll welcome you with open arms.

  6. Yeah, I joined Twitter too… even after having slagged it off so much in the past. Oh well…

    • Now you’re on it, do you think it’s worth it?

      • Quite a lot of the time, yes. Some of the time, no.

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