And The New Doctor Who Is…

August 7, 2013

The wait is over for Doctor Who fans, and those who have a cursory interest. The man who’s taking the baton from Matt Smith and going on to new adventures as the 12th Doctor was revealed last weekend. His name is Peter Capaldi, a seasoned actor currently best known as the very sweary spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker from the BBC political satire The Thick Of It. Looks like those who were hoping for a female, or black Doctor this time round will have to wait a bit longer.

Not everyone is happy with the choice. Some have complained that Capaldi is too old… at 55! It’s an understandable response from those who have grown up with the younger Doctors like David Tennant and Smith, but they need a gentle history lesson on the ages of the Doctors who came before them. William Hartnell, for instance was the same age as Capaldi when he starred in the first ever Doctor Who in 1963. Patrick Troughton, who followed him, was 46 and Jon Pertwee (my favourite Doctor) was 50. The last Doctor before the reboot in the early 2000s, Sylvester McCoy, was 44.

Some clever little thing created a great mash-up of Doctor Who and Malcolm Tucker in full flow and posted it on YouTube. If this fantasy clip became the new direction of the show for real, it would be scheduled beyond the watershed for sure. I warn you now: if you’re sensitive to industrial language, don’t watch. For the rest of you, just immerse yourself in the bile. It really is rather good.

I have great faith in this new Doctor, soon to emerge. I think he’ll do brilliantly.



  1. I love Peter Capaldi and think he will make a fine Doctor! You make a good point Pie about the age expectations of the younger lot and, like you, I enjoyed Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker. We live in exciting times!

  2. I’ve never heard the term ‘industrial language’ before. I may borrow that!

    I hope he meets your expectations!

    • You are more than welcome to use the term ‘industrial language’ as you see fit. It’ll be one of Britain’s best exports.

  3. I haven’t run across the new Dr. since Local Hero. It may be time to give the series a look.

    • I love Capaldi I really really do and he will make an excellent doctor if the scripts allow (some have been too silly to make Matt Smith credible all of the time and a lot also hinges of the quality of the companions) but there I was on Doctor Who reveal night with fingers crossed for a black doctor or a female doctor and I have to say I am disappointed in the beeb for not taking the plunge. C’mon Star Trek did both, and yonks ago, in fact Captain Janeway was probably my favourite captain and I say that with a massive doff of my proverbial cap to Picard…

      They could have even had a fantastic black female doctor – what about Sophie Okenedo: she is full of gravitas and can be funny. There’s also the gorgeous and high-profile Thandie Newton and the utterly brilliant Marianne Jean Baptiste (though I think she may have been in Dr Who already but I’m sure the script writers could have a crazy plot turn to achieve the transformation). And many more. The age thing is a distraction I think. It doesn’t matter about the age of the doctor – who’s to say the doctor couldn’t be a kid? Doogie Howser MD anyone? But its really rather annoying that they are always so WASP-y.

      • Local Hero. Wow, that’s going back some years! I think this will be a good one, as long as the writing holds up. I haven’t watched Doctor Who for a while now, because as much as I’ve been impressed with Matt Smith, I have found the stories a bit ‘meh’.

        You’ve come up with a great selection of black female Doctors. Any of them would be good. If the Doctor had to continue to be male, then Idris Elba would be a popular choice. However, David Harewood, of Homeland fame, or Adrian Lester (Hustle) would be decent alternatives.

  4. I think he will make a credible doctor, and I don’t even watch it but may start lol

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