It’s Easter… Have An Egg!

April 21, 2014

Easter, the religious festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ for the observant is nearly over and for the non-observant, just like Christmas, it’s become an orgy of fat and sugar. For this festival, the fat and sugar orgy comes in the form of an Easter egg. Deep repentance comes later once the scales tip over to fat bastard… until Christmas.

I was in Asda a few weeks ago and as I idly roamed from aisle to aisle, I was confronted with the usual array of Easter Eggs.

Easter egg collection on shelves

But then to my surprise, I saw a selection of quality eggs that would not have looked out of place in Waitrose – along with a few ropey ones. So let me start with Thornton’s eggs. There were many, but I liked the look of this one. It reminded me of the egg from Alien, complete with the start of the hatching of something nasty. It appealed to the part of me that likes a bit of ‘ick’ and ‘ewwww’:

Thornton's Easter egg berry

Next up is Ferrero Rocher. It was a classy packaging of gold, because like Magpies we like shiny things. Mr Ambassador, you are spoiling us:

Ferrero Rocher Easter egg

The Lindt bunny is a reassuring feature in the Easter egg canon (at least in the UK). The bunnies are usually sold separately in various sizes and are not cheap, so a large egg with two medium sized bunnies is a bargain:

Lindt Bunny Easter egg

Next up, one that truly surprised me – a Guinness Easter egg. That’s right, I said that! If there had been a can of draught Guinness in the egg I would’ve been truly impressed. Sadly, the only Guinness flavour you’ll find will be in the chocolate truffles below:

Guinness Easter egg

There are many themed eggs cashing in on characters or the ‘in’ group of the moment, as you’d expect. So here’s one for this year only, because I don’t think we’ll see this in 2015. Here we have a One Direction egg with a free mug. Yes, you too can have coffee with Harry Styles:

One Direction Easter egg

Finally, we have another themed egg with Marvel. I like this one because I grew up with Marvel comics. Chomping on this egg while my imagination runs wild with epic battles as Wolverine or Thor is a brilliant way to spend my time:

Marvel Comics Easter egg

I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of Easter eggs for 2014. I won’t be held responsible for any weight gained while reading this post.



  1. Egg-traordinary — Well someone had to

    • You just couldn’t stop yourself, could you? *shakes fist at the screen in mock disgust*

  2. Is “scrummy” a legitimate word in the British vernacular? Because over here, that’s rather the last word any company would use (sounds too much like “scummy”.)

    I always liked the Cadbury caramel eggs.😋

    • It’s very much a legitimate word in the English vernacular, though you’re more likely to hear it amongst the middle and upper classes than the working classes. Or from someone who’s stuck in the 1930s.

      Personally, I prefer my eggs hollow. Hell for me is a Creme Egg.

  3. My first sight of such a display, how’s that for liberation!

    • Hurrah!

      I read on your last post (before I received another one today!) that you were taking a break from your blog. I hope you’re enjoying your time off. I bet you’ll have a bumper crop of photos to post when you return.

  4. I feel there’s a joke in there over female reproduction and One Direction, though it would probably make everyone a little queasy. But yes to a Marvel one, though I do prefer having brand chocolate. *glares at Galaxy Ripple Easter Egg on desk* Yum. 😀

    • You should’ve had the courage of your conviction and said what you felt. I’m pretty sure I would’ve laughed like a drain. A Twirl or a Crunchie branded chocolate egg would’ve been brilliant for me. Maybe next year.

  5. Pie, you are truly our great curator of weird stuff. So good to see you back!

    I may lose sleep tonight wondering how all those little scrummy raspberry pieces will keep from falling out of that egg. And I don’t see anything in the description that suggests cheesecake flavor.

    Over in the US the quintessential Easter food is the Peep, a neon yellow marshmellow chick. Do you have those?

    • We don’t have Peeps here, unless there’s an American specialist food section in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, or Harrods that I don’t know about. I had a look on t’internet to see what you were talking about… my eyes! The colour of those Peeps are nuclear!

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