7/7 – A Date Londoners Won’t Forget

July 7, 2015

Thinking of London today. I posted this in 2010, but originally wrote it, before I had a blog, in 2005. It was the day after July 7th. I thought it was worth publishing again.

Pie and Biscuits

Before I started this blog, my friends would receive my musings and rants by email. Most of it was personal, but sometimes I would comment on a news event. London became big news on the 7th of July 2005, as it faced the wrath of four suicide bombers blowing themselves up on three underground trains and a bus. I wrote the following, the day after what soon became known as 7/7…


It’s been an incredible week here.

It started on Saturday July 2nd with the Live 8 concert, Gay Pride parade, Cricket and Wimbledon. For those of you who managed to get to a Live 8 concert world wide, I hope you enjoyed yourself. I was at Whitehall taking photographs, as I did last year, of the pride parade. It was very good too. I spent most of the day wandering around central London taking in the atmosphere in…

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