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Ashley Madison: Caught With Its Pants Down

July 22, 2015

Ashley Madison, an infidelity site, was hacked. The 37 million members, 1 million in the UK alone, had a collective brown trouser moment when it was reported that a group called The Impact Team had gathered information from the site and threatened to reveal all (as users of Ashley Madison regularly do with their insignificant other) if the site wasn’t closed down permanently.

Ashley Madison website homepage

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Injunctivitis: Super-Injunctions That Irritate The Eyes Of Justice

May 23, 2011

Britain is currently swimming in a sea of super-injunctions. Everywhere we look there’s an actor super-injunction here, a politician super-injunction there, a TV presenter super-injunction round the corner and a footballer super-injunction right in your face. These people have taken great trouble and spent a lot of money in an effort to prevent the great unwashed from knowing where they’d been dipping their wick.

Raspberry with tongue hanging out illustrating silliness of super injunctions

This is what Twitter thinks about your super-injunctions

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Err…Tiger, I Have A Question For You

February 22, 2010

Tiger Woods held a press conference on Friday to apologise for his transgressions. I say a press conference, but there were only a handful of reporters present and no questions were allowed. Now I’d written about his affairs when it was hot news last year and now as then, I believe his wife and family are the only people to whom he should make the apology. I’m not a fan of Golf, I don’t like it, he hasn’t hurt me so it’s not for me to care. Still, let’s play fantasy journalist for a moment, “I have one question, sir: do you believe that taking 13 minutes and 58 seconds to say sorry indicates a need for time management?”


Haunted Tiger, Hidden Slappers

December 12, 2009

Now we’re at eleven!

While Tiger Woods continues to hide from the public (and slaps a ban on the British press, as reported recently in The Guardian), the women claiming to have slept with him grow in number. There’s more…


Tiger, Tiger, Bang To Rights

December 8, 2009

The speed at which the perception of a celebrity changes, where they go from Hero to zero in a nanosecond, never ceases to amaze me. It was less than two weeks ago that Tiger Woods was involved in a car accident. This weekend has just ended and the number of women clamouring to stake their claim of having slept with him (six and counting) declares to the world that he’s been driving into more than his wife, fire hydrant and tree. There’s more…