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Lessons from my neighbour

February 25, 2012

Mr Happy character by Roger Hargreaves

February is fast becoming the month for life lessons.

I had an interview at the job centre today. Later, as I turned the corner to Pie Palace, I bumped into the cousin of my neighbour. I call my neighbour noisy reggae man and he’s an absolute diamond. His girlfriend on the other hand…

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Love Thy Neighbour

February 28, 2011

It is said you can’t choose your parents. Well you can’t choose your neighbours either. Here’s my story. There’s more…


Her Name Is Karen Smith

August 2, 2010

As many of you know, I live at Pie Palace, which is one of four flats in a very small block within a row of houses and flats created in a mock Georgian style. It’s complete with a pretty circus where the children hang out in the day and the skank hang out at night. The people on the ground floor have their own entrance, but within my block we have Riz and Afiz Palace, Shanaj Palace and Karen Palace. Karen lives below me – well she did live below me before she was taken out in a body bag last night. Shocked? You should be, because I certainly was. So what happened? We don’t yet know, but I can take you through the events that threw my Sunday evening totally off its axis. There’s more…