Pie likes to feast on these blogs

I like to chomp on these tasty morsels. Some have interesting flavours. All of them delicious. In no particular order…

Invisible Mikey
Well considered meditations on life, the Universe… and movies.

Sometimes, words just have to come out of the man called Omawarisan. They’re usually very funny.

Local Heart, Global Soul
Food, travel and home life, from a Kiwi living in the Netherlands.

Nylon Daze
A London Expat living in New York, capturing life with a camera in her hands.

This Little Thing Called Life
Looking at life through the quirky lens.

Culturally discombobulated
A Brit trying to make sense of the American way of life. Often left confused.

Evolution of Insanity
‘Ard Pete. Hard words. Funny as f**k.

Dribbling Pensioner
Northern Irish pensioner with opinions on just about everything. With the odd joke thrown in.

Arty Old Bird
Great artwork. Mind-bending musings.

My Parents Are Crazier Than Yours
She had to move back in with her parents. Chaos ensued.

London Survival
Funny, caustic words from this London blogger.

Sudo One
Opinions, poetry, short stories and all things Apple.

Betty’s Bubble
Living in her bubble… and liking it.

I want Ice Water
Philosophy, science… and Pink Floyd.

The Brightest Blue
Sky gazing and daydreaming, with arts and culture in between.

The Piccadilly Line
A travel and lifestyle writer with a camera on her hip.

Feathered Fiends
It’s all about the budgies. Their daily lives in photographs.

Snoring Dog Studio
Observations on life. All illustrations are her own work.

Frivolous Monsters
Trying to make sense of the universe.

Star Wars Action Figures Doing What They Do Best
Does what it says on the tin.

Working on expanding your consciousness. No drugs required.

The Problem With Young People Today Is…
Don Mills has retired this very funny blog, but thankfully, he hasn’t removed it. Have a look.


  1. Pie you are a legend. It would appear for some reason I am not getting notified of your activities!! Thanks muchly for featuring me here

    • I haven’t been active here since the beginning of March. I’ve been on Twitter a lot more. I’m not stopping this blog. It’s just that Twitter’s more immediate right now. I hope I can pop something on here before the end of May.

  2. Thanks you so much for including me on this list Pie! 😀

    BTW, SudoOne’s comment reminded me of the fact that WordPress discontinued the new post notification emails for every blog I follow back in March. I thought I’d gotten them all restored but I just discovered that yours wasn’t one of them – FIXED NOW!

    I don’t know how widespread this error was, but I think everyone who depends upon email notifications should check their Edit Blogs I Follow page just in case…

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