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Lenny Henry Gets An Award

November 24, 2009

Lenny Henry, at the age of 51, has been named outstanding newcomer at the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards for his portrayal of Othello, currently playing at The Trafalgar Studios. There’s more…


Theatre, with added bounce

August 5, 2009

It seems the West End Theatre needs more muscle. As reported in the Daily Mail on the 3rd August, many producers of hit shows are now hiring security, or ‘bouncers’ to use the vernacular, to put a stop to the rise in bad behaviour in the audience.

Such hair-raising incidents spoiling the theatre-going experience have included fighting and other drunken behaviour, fondling each other (clearly upgrading as that’s usually left for the back seat of a cinema) and publicly urinating at the side of the stage. And where would we be without the now obligatory chorus of mobile phone ring tones followed by the sounds of the muppets actually taking the call? There’s more…