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Blood Test

June 13, 2014

A pint? That’s very nearly an armful!
Tony Hancock, The Blood Donor

I went to see my doctor recently about the nail on my big right toe. She took some clippings and packed them off to be analysed. I’ll find out in a couple of weeks if Fergie the Fungus has invaded my left toe as he did my right toe two years ago, leading to six months of hardcore anti-fungal medication. Some of you have been with me for a long time now, so I feel I can share this with you (whether you like it or not). If you’re new to this blog – welcome!

The doctor then suggested I have some blood tests as it’s been a while since the last check, adding: “It’s time you had it done anyway, as you’re now of that age.” That age, ladies and gentlemen, is 50. Hearing that was only marginally worse than my dad, on calling to wish me a happy birthday on my landmark date, telling me that I was now “on the other side of the ladder.” Yeah, dad… thanks!

Mount Auburn sculpture by Daderot from Wikimedia commons

No… not yet. Wait for it… (by Daderot from Wikimedia Commons)

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New Year Happy

January 3, 2014

Here we are again. New year, new start… we hope.

Yoga girl

“This year I’m chilling out.”

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Lessons from my neighbour

February 25, 2012

Mr Happy character by Roger Hargreaves

February is fast becoming the month for life lessons.

I had an interview at the job centre today. Later, as I turned the corner to Pie Palace, I bumped into the cousin of my neighbour. I call my neighbour noisy reggae man and he’s an absolute diamond. His girlfriend on the other hand…

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Lessons From An Asda Self-Service Checkout

February 17, 2012

I received a big lesson last week from… an Asda supermarket self-service checkout. This is my story.

Asda self-service supermarket checkout

This checkout taught me everything I know

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Save BBC Radio London 94.9 – The Fight Starts Here!

November 14, 2011

Three weeks ago, I was at a protest. To save my local station.

The BBC, like many other organisations in these austere times are having to find savings, thanks to the six year freeze the government placed on the price of the licence fee. Some of these savings, otherwise known as cuts, are going to affect local radio. London is the most heavily affected, losing shows broadcast between 12 and 5pm and 7pm to 6am. Breakfast, the mid morning show and drivetime will remain. Shared programming (whatever the hell that means) will be put in place covering all the regional stations in the southern end of the UK. Large chunks of what makes a local station unique will be removed, almost certain never to return. There’s more…