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A very merry Christmas from Pie and Biscuits

December 24, 2015

May you all have a most excellent Christmas. And if I get my act together, we’ll see a lot more of each other in 2016.


Pie and Biscuits_Xmas card 2015


7/7 – A Date Londoners Won’t Forget

July 7, 2015

Thinking of London today. I posted this in 2010, but originally wrote it, before I had a blog, in 2005. It was the day after July 7th. I thought it was worth publishing again.

Pie and Biscuits

Before I started this blog, my friends would receive my musings and rants by email. Most of it was personal, but sometimes I would comment on a news event. London became big news on the 7th of July 2005, as it faced the wrath of four suicide bombers blowing themselves up on three underground trains and a bus. I wrote the following, the day after what soon became known as 7/7…


It’s been an incredible week here.

It started on Saturday July 2nd with the Live 8 concert, Gay Pride parade, Cricket and Wimbledon. For those of you who managed to get to a Live 8 concert world wide, I hope you enjoyed yourself. I was at Whitehall taking photographs, as I did last year, of the pride parade. It was very good too. I spent most of the day wandering around central London taking in the atmosphere in…

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December 17, 2012

A unique take on the tragedy of Newton, Connecticut, from one of my favourite bloggers, Omawarisan…


Those of you who’ve been coming here for a while know that I’ve been a police officer for, well, a really long time.

My colleagues and I tend to minimize what we do. We’ve all got our assigned specialties or things we do because we’re good at them. To say we do them routinely is a disservice to those acts. Perhaps the best way to say it is that we do them well without thinking about what it looks like to our peers and the public.

As an example, I have a particular specialized assignment. It suits me. Other officers ask me how I do it, how I put up with some aspects of that assignment and finish the conversations with “I couldn’t do what you do”.

It strikes me that the person who is saying those things to me might be a detective who investigates fatal traffic accidents, or…

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